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  1. Don't worry, I got that nikkopt. Thanks! At least for now I'll just take it as a bad update. Hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. Oh wait, another question - When the problem is fixed, does the KIS database will update automatically (i set mine to update automatically) and get back to normal green state (protected)? Otherwise, how will I know that the problem is already fixed?
  3. Yes I understand and thanks thanks for taking time to reply. Yep, I hope so too that the problem will be solved at the soonest. And yep, carefully noted to be extra careful. Thanks again there.
  4. Hi there nikkopt, I just sent a post with questions when you already sent yours with answers. Very well thanks.
  5. @nikkopt: Hi there, yep, guess I have to wait. Thanks. To everyone/anyone, Any chance anyone knows how long usually does it take to get this fixed? Also, not sure if it's a stupid question but i'll ask anyway -- while the database says it's obsolete, does that mean that our computer is not protected?
  6. Hi there ScottB, Worried so quite panicking. First time this happens, how long usually is the wait for this to get fixed? And is there a way to at least know if the reason why we get the 'obsolete' message is only due to a bad update or is because of something else.
  7. Having the same problem too. Using KIS2009, it says the database are obsolete. I run the update more than thrice now, still says obsolete. Windows Security Center says something is out of date too. I can see it's not only me who's experiencing the problem, but I'm still worried. Help.
  8. Hi richbuff, yep, I think it's now doing better, at least lesser "page problem" encounters.. still having some from time to time, but lesser. Thanks thanks! By the way, just before closing this thread, I'd like to confirm one thing from the GetSystemInfo log -- (URL: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...5e2af&ms=0) From the System Properties > General Information, scroll down to "Miscellaneous" - I noticed the number of users are 2. Does this refer to the user who is currently using the computer? If it is, the only one who is currently accessing the computer is me. Also, my computer has only one user account, I didn't create or never had created any other account for guest neither. I opened Windows Task Manager too, so far it shows there's only 1 active user - which is me. Then the right number of user should only be 1, how come from the report was 2? Help? Please advise?
  9. Hi richbuff, 1. Windows Update - I have installed the latest update today Dec 2, installation was successful. Before today, the last update was performed on Nov 20, while the succeeding automatic updates after that date all failed. 2. 1GB RAM - this came with the original setting package of the computer by the time we bought it. Do you suggest to add more RAM? 3. Windows Defender - I'll turn this off. Though I'd like to know, is it because Windows Defender and KIS2009 are not compatible? Just to be back on track, I'd like to know - does my browsing problem arose from these things?
  10. In the GetSystemInfo link, under System Properties - Miscellaneous, I noticed the number of users is 2. Does this refer to the user who is currently using the computer? If it is, I am the only one who is currently accessing the computer. Then the number of user should only be 1? Please advise.
  11. Hi dawgg, Thanks for the step-by-step instructions, Pipelining's done accordingly. I checked it and it was originally set to "False" and value at 4. Firefox Addons: I already checked it from the tools, no add-on is related to Firefox that is listed. No, I didn't installed anything on my computer when the problem arose. Though I remembered that it happens sometime (few days) after the hack thing happened. I have posted this hack problem just last week. For your quick reference, you may find the thread at http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...p;#entry1176927 By chance the problem came from this?
  12. Hi richbuff, GetSystemInfo URL Report as requested - http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...b5e2af&ms=0 thanks, Jacq
  13. It's me again. Sorry, I have to be back so soon. I just closed my browser and when I open it again, I am encountering "Problem loading page" / "server not found" problems everytime, again. Using Firefox 3.5.5 as advised. Help?
  14. Hi Lucian, yep, now already upgraded to Firefox 3.5.5. I think it's loading better now, the "Page Load Error" is not showing like everytime it used to. Thanks! Still got a few questions though - 1. This time, with Firefox 3.5.5, I encountered "Page Load Problem" from different sites I normally visit, which happened quite a few times - i.e. Yahoo mail, but it helped when I refresh the page again. Why is that so? 2. I'm not sure about the pipelining you've mentioned, don't know where to find it. Tried to Google it, but i think its to technical to understand. - What is it for by the way? - Where can I find it? - Will adjusting its setting affect the security of my computer? 3. I think I'm not using the fasterfox addon, but just to be sure, is there a way I can check it? 4. Just curious too, is it necessary to upgrade Firefox to its latest version everytime they released one? I actually find using Firefox 3.0 fine, when it is just until last week the Page Load Error showed up all the time. The reason why I was still using Firefox 3.0 before this was because Firefox 3.5 always makes my computer freezes or sometimes it took a longer time for the pages to load - well, at least that was about 2 months ago, let see how it goes this time. Nevertheless, I like to know, did the problem (Page Load Error) arises because I did not upgrade? Please advise? Hear from you soon.
  15. Hi! I always encounter Page Load Error with Firefox browser - version 3. I'm using Firefox version 3.0.15. Tried the following, however nothing worked so far - - Refreshing doesn't work. - Have to type and retype the URL a lot of times - though this does NOT always work. - Clearing cookies and cache. - Restarting my computer doesn't work. - Nothing's wrong with my connection either. I read a lot of users who also encountered the same page load problem with Firefox 3, and most have mentioned about firewall settings - they're using other brands of antivirus software though. Uhm, well, how can I check that I'm having the correct settings with Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, and if ever, how to configure the right settings for this? Help? On a side note, Internet Explorer 8 works fine. Thanks!
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