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  1. Thanks, Helmut, that update solved the problem. Rainer
  2. Hello! I'm having problems with the license count on Windows XP 64Bit. During a database update, the computer logs errors like Der Schutz wurde deaktiviert, weil dieser Lizenzschlüssel bereits auf 416 Computern verwendet wird. (Protection was deactivated since this license key is already is use on 416 computers.) Shortly after the database update has finished successfully, it logs an info message: Der Schutz Ihres Computers ist aktiv. (Protection is active.) The error message is nonsense, neither do we have 416 computers nor have we exceeded the number of licenses. The ridiculously high number ("416" in the above log message) increases over time. KAV on XP 32bit or WIndows 7 does not show this behaviour. Versions: KAV AdminKit & KLAgent 8.0.2048 Thanks in advance for any insight or suggestions. Rainer Schöpf
  3. Now the regular update download task works again as before. I don't understand what happened. It certainly looks like the network proxy was responsible, but it worked for the client, not for the server. If someone can shed some light on what went wrong and where to look, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, consider the problem closed. Thanks for the replies. Rainer
  4. Addendum: I've just run the Update Download task once without going through the network proxy. This time it succeeded. The strange thing is that the client downloaded the updates through the proxy without any error. Rainer
  5. Hello Helmut, I've just checked; clients can download the updates directly from the Kaspersky servers. The client I tested is on the same network as the admin server and has the same network configuration. Rainer
  6. Hello, since yesterday afternoon the update download task of the admin server fails. It starts downloading, then switches to the next download server, starts downloading, switches to the next server, and so on, going through the whole list of servers. At the end it logs an "Error during download" and recommends to check the network settings (which are the same as before). What can I do to solve this? Thanks, Rainer Schöpf
  7. I've just managed to make an autoinstall task undeletable: by simply cutting it and pasting it to the global Tasks. After that, the autoinstall option in the group properties are deselected, but the task remains. Moving it back to the group tasks doesn't help. The task is no longer connected to any client, so it's only annoying. Thanks and Regards, Rainer Schöpf
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