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  1. Hello, I have my company machines running under a policy, and currently users cannot launch a manual update scan on their machines (greyed option) pic 1 Is this something related to the pic 2 setting? If so, what are the other "local tasks" that can be managed by users? Appreciate your help. Hugo
  2. Dear All, I have installed the mac plugin in Kaspersky, but I do not find the way to create the standalone package with agent for Mac. Can any of you provide me a link with the correct documentation to do it? Really appreciate it. Best Regards, Hugo.
  3. Dear All, When I connect with Teamviewer to a machine I cannot do any type of manipulations on Kaspersky remotely. Latest version of Teamviewer and latest version of Kaspersky endpoint security. Thank you for your assistance. Hugo
  4. Hello FILTU, I will try it tomorrow afternoon as I am out of office in meetings until then. Regarding the Admin kit, is the latest version that Kaspersky has. Will keep you updated. Cheers
  5. Hello Alexander, Thank you for your reply. If a reboot is mandatory, can I have a task that: In silent uninstall the old version + inform the user to reboot + after reboot install new version? I know that I have that in multiple tasks, I would like to perform all in one.
  6. Dear All, I have a question. Is it possible to create a task on Kaspersky security center 10 to uninstall the old version of Kaspersky MP4 + NO RESTART + install Endpoint security all in silent. All the machines (400) have the latest version of the Agent. I've tried to launch the task of only installing the new version of the AV on a AV machine and it hangs, blocks or freezes. Thank you for your ideas. Hugo
  7. Thanks, appreciate it. Can I create a task on the console to deploy this patch on all the domain machines via the server console? Because I have several machines on the domain with this problem and I cannot go on each machine to apply the patch. If so, can you please explain how? Thanks
  8. Hello, Same issue on my side. Please pass me the patch. Appreciate it. Hugo
  9. Thank you very much for your reply. Worked like a charm
  10. Hello All, I would like to have some more options which where present on the previous version of the admin console and I cannot find on the new one. Firstly, I would like to have the old version of Kaspersky MP4 6.0.4 to be remotely removed. Currently it only displays these 2 (attch1): Then I would like to have a remote task to reboot the client machine (s) like before (attch2) Appreciate your support.
  11. Thanks again for your reply, Now I understand what you are saying. Appreciate the support, will contact the vendor to extend the license or have a new one. Best Regards
  12. Hello Maher, How can you explain me that 70% of my machines have the correct end date for the license and they have all been installed and activated in different dates? This is not one general issue, 30% of the machines have it.
  13. Hello, Thanks for your reply. It is not possible, they are not license that are activated and valid for a year, starting from a specific day. It's a key file that is included on the installation package. 70% of the machines are correct on the date of expiration, and I did not activate them all the same day. The license is for all the same and should expire on the same date for all the machines. Thanks
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