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  1. We are running KAV for both windows workstations and servers, and the latest version I have found is which is rather old. I don't mean that anything is wrong with that version, but compared to "personal" products (version 2009/2010 etc) is seems outdated. Is there any newer versions available or will there be versions available soon? /Salmoneus
  2. Ok, thanks. The link didn't provide an answer but post #4 did. Would be nice to get a link to some reading about that though. /Salmoneus
  3. I have just installed KIS 2010 on WinXP SP3, and I am considering the iChecker and iSwift options. In older KAV versions I remember similar options that stored data in the NTFS data streams, causing massive fragmentation of the hard drive. So, where do iChecker and iSwift store data? From what I've digged up in this forum it seems that they both store data in separate files of their own, rather than in the NTFS streams. Can someone confirm this? Thanks! /Salmoneus
  4. During the install of Kaspersky anti-virus for Windows Server there is an option to "exclude items recommended by Microsoft", or something like that. Where can I edit that option AFTER installation? What are the items that gets excluded? Where is this documented? On a Microsoft AD server and an Exchange 2007 server, what is recommended to exclude from the anti-virus software? /Salmoneus
  5. I can confirm problems with Outlook/IMAP and also Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP. One of our employees had 7-8000 mails in both inbox and sent, and listing those caused hangups for both the mail client and KAV. I encouraged him to clean/organize his mail a little... I use the same KAV version and have no problems with IMAP. I don't have as many mails though. /Salmoneus
  6. It works now... I noticed that the admin server task was using 420M memory on the server, and it was responding very slowly. A quick reboot of the server made it run much better, and all the missing domain members appeared shortly thereafter! Don't know what was wrong, but is it normal that the server is using 420M ram??? /Salmoneus
  7. Can you explain the pull method? I'm not sure what you mean. /Salmoneus
  8. Names are new. They only appear outside the domain, with a server default name in the form pc-192@domain.com (192 being the last part of the ip-number). The real domain name never appears inside the domain. If I try to install network agent on the computers with the pc-192@domain.com names I get an error that a "duplicate name exists on the network", which it does not! Can the network listing somehow be totally resetted? Can network agent be manually installed on the clients? /Salmoneus
  9. Since a few days new computers (new in our domain) do not appear in the network:domains section of the administration kit. Background: a new computer got the same ip-number as an old computer, which was still in the admin kit. Therefore the new one didn't appear. I did a big clean-up, erasing everything under "network" as it was full of old machines that don't exist anymore. After that something is wrong. New domain members don't appear at all. What is this? Is it a known issue? Please help. /Per
  10. I have tried the following and still I get a hang on unregmp2.exe: Excluding e-mail files Excluding e-mail databases Excluding *.pst Exluding UNREGMP2.EXE itself Exluding C:\Documents and settings\[username]\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook\* This only applies to Windows XP SP2, not SP1 and all versions of KAV workstation 5.0.157 - 5.0.227. I need a working fix for this, as the scanner is useless as it is now. /Per
  11. We have a Win 2000 server running admin kit 5.0.0409 which downloads updates to a shared folder for all clients to update from. Since yesterday the server is unable to run the global update task, it gets the following error: "File operation error". I have restarted the entire server with no success. If I delete the shared "updates" folder the update task completes ok and a new fileset is created. The following update fails like earlier. What is this??? /Per
  12. Thanks! Most clients run 5.0.200, I hope the same goes for that version? /Per
  13. 1. When "show application interface" is UNchecked (we don't want the clients to be able to fool around with KAV) the shell extension "scan for viruses" doesn't work. Is it supposed to be that way? The error message says "application is not installed"... 2. When a client that is disconnected from the corporate network, but connected to the internet tries to update the virus databases, will it try Kaspersky servers as the administration server is unavailable? /Per
  14. Realtime files protection is not disabled, the entire task is missing in the task list for the client (see attachment). Client is running Windows XP SP1 and KAV 5.0.200 for Windows Workstation and is controlled by Kaspersky Admin kit. License is valid and correct. /Per
  15. I don't know how it has happened but one client has lost the "realtime files protection", which as I see it is the most important one. Since local predefined tasks CANNOT be deleted, I don't know how it can be gone. Is there any way to get that task back? /Per
  16. The update tasks (in the admin kit) contain an option to update application modules, but the new .205 patch does not seem to install no matter how I try...
  17. I am at home now. I will take a look at the policy tomorrow... Regarding question 1: I know I can run every task as a specified user, but if I leave it at "default" the default account is used. Where can I change THAT account?
  18. We use KAV 5.0.x for Windows Workstation and Administration server 5.0.0409. 1. Where can I change the default account for running tasks (the administrator)? I have entered it somewhere, but I cannot remember where... 2. Can I somehow choose which LOCAL tasks that are added to a new client? I like to use just group tasks and don't need local tasks for updates and scans, as they are harder to control. 3. Can i remove a certain LOCAL task for all clients in a group? (Related to 2.). Thanks! /Per
  19. Ok, problem is I can only reach the clients through the admin console (Application interface is off). But I will try to update my own KAV the way you described. Is there any way to update the modules with the admin console? I have uploaded a zip with the log files from a computer that got a GNRL_EV_INTERNAL_ERROR earlier today. I checked the "log all" right now. Reports.zip
  20. Sorry for being stupid but which exact files are the logs? event.xml? And where do I find the "user tasks"? Can it be done from the administration console?
  21. 2. We have a lot of "not-a-virus:tool.win32.reboot", they seem to be included in many program installation packages. Sometimes in the form of reboot.exe files already installed and sometimes embedded in WISE installation packages. Neither of them are deleted when detected. 4 and 5. Which files do you need? I am not sure where to find the logs... 6. How do I "enable Module Update on WS"? The patch is on the server, but does not seem to install on the clients...
  22. We are moving from KAV 4 to KAV 5 here at our company, and so far 15 PC's or so are migrated to version 5. We use an administration server and I must say this looks very good indeed! However, there are a few issues. We use: KAV for Windows Workstations 5.0.200 (a few 5.0.177) Administration server 5.0.0409 1. Computer scanning seems to use "extended databases" so a lot of "not-a-virus." are detected. I have not chosen this. It is quite annoying to get A LOT of mails saying there are not-a-viruses... How do I disable this? I do not want to detect those "viruses" at all. 2. (Related to 1.) Most Not-a-viruses cannot be disinfected, and should be deleted, as I have chosen this as action for found viruses. However, they are never deleted, and reappears at every scan. Is this just for not-a-viruses, or will KAV fail to delete real viruses too? 3. The default computer scanning tasks sometimes scan network drives. Is it supposed to do that? What is a recommended setting for just scanning local drives? 4. A few machines produce a lot of GNRL_EV_INTERNAL_ERROR events, but seem to work fine nonetheless! Am I to be worried, or are those just temporary errors? 5. On a few other machines the real time file protection fails to start sometimes. The remedy is to start it manually without problems. What can be done to prevent that behaviour? 6. In the updates folder on the server there is a file named kav5.0.205patch_winwks_upd.exe. How can that patch be deployed to existing KAV 5.0.x installations? Sorry for the long read, but I need to know these things... Thanks! /Per
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