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  1. Hi The error you show is coming from Kaspersky Secure Connection, which is a VPN type application, not to be confused with KIS. It may be that your campus wifi doesnt allow VPNs. Try exiting it (by right clicking on the KSC icon in your icon tray and selecting "Exit"). Hope this helps
  2. This is still broken in and OSX 10.11.5. It blocks authentication of iMessage and FaceTime. Turning off Check Secure Connections allows normal authentication of these Apple services.
  3. I have encountered a similar problem when viewing some Facebook pages. the advice given by Eric Robertson to uncheck "Check Secure Connections" works as a workaround until the patch is released.
  4. What Berny says is quite correct. However unless you have purchased a new Windows 10 license, you will need to re-install Windows 7, then go throught the 'free' upgrade process to Windows 10 otherwise your Windows 10 installation will not activate (you may of course then perform a clean install of Win10 after it has activated properly if you wish).
  5. Also adding to what richbuff said, I had exactly the same issue over the same time period, so it would seem that a common issue may have occurred. I 'fixed' this by disabling Self-Protection, deleting the files (not the folder mind) in ProgramData\KasperskyLab\AVP15.0.2\Bases\klava, re-enabling Self-Protection then running the update manually.
  6. Only as long as you have a valid activation code i.e. you have a valid current subscription.
  7. Also, Silverbuzz Have you enabled the add-ons in the protected browser window as well as the normal browser. If not when the protected browser opens with the brown boarder, enable the add-ons in that window as well, then exit all your browser sessions, then try again. edit: Also,
  8. FuturePA Apparently you have to configure the web-filter protection level to "low protection" to prevent KIS from reverting your proxy settings.
  9. Also, in addition to what rudger requests, Hi tiggerlou What you have disabled is the port level scanning of two specific TCP/IP ports. Those two ports 143 and 993 are used by IMAP for message exchange between your outlook client and the email server. Part of that exchange is the protocols involved to maintain the 'state' of your emails on the client and the server. By disabling the port level scanning, you effectively have two 'open' ports, which are in theory no longer restricted to just IMAP exchanges. KIS has a separate .dll which sits in the Outlook Client as an add-on, which performs the anti-virus checking of messages. (there is also an Anti-Spam .dll). Hope that helps. edit: Also,
  10. Hi Rich From your GSI it looks like you are using Firefox. If this is correct you may be suffering from one of the issues that sometimes affects Firefox users and KIS2015, which relate to certificates. Try doing the following and see if this helps Go into Firefox -> Options -> Advanced -> Certificates -> View Certificates -> Authorities and import the Kaspersky Cert from C:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP15.0.1\Data\Cert\ (fake)Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Root Certificate.cer (set "Trust this CA to identify websites") Make sure you have enabled View hidden files as these folders are hidden Hope this helps
  11. All This is not a system problem per-se. When you install 5.0, you cannot then re-install Kaspersky for Android because the App is not available in Google Play to download if your device is running 5.0. If you make the App available as an .apk a sideload could be attempted on it.
  12. Kojo+oi Unfortunately it is not a decision about what AV vendor to choose, the decision is a) do I run without any AV for 3-4 months because K cant provide a working product for 5.0 (I have a paid for license for Kaspersky for Android) OR b)install an AV that does run on 5.0. Clearly a) is not really a sensible thing to do. BTW It would therefore be useful if K came clean here and posted a sticky thread on this forum to the effect that the Android product does not support 5.0. Because there will be many users out there that may install the OTA 5.0 release only to find they too have no AV support. BTW2 I may well revisit the decision once a product/fix is released.
  13. "It will function in time"...well its funny that pretty much all the other AV vendors release compatible version on or around the 18th when Lollipop was released. Personally I took the Android version because I had used KIS on Windows for years and years and trusted it. Unfortunately I cant trust a product that doesn't exist.
  14. Well its off to another AV vendor then...I cant really live without any AV for 4 months :angry:
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