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  1. Yes, i tried with Default ISP DNS, still errors. Will see with smartphone's network tethering & let you know.
  2. Yes i do. As i mentioned earlier, i tried disabled ad-blocker & every extension & also with fresh browser installation. Tried with IE also. Still the same error. Here is my GSI - http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...mp;key=4KdbjnW0
  3. Hello, I don't think this requires my GSI but if it does, i am happy to provide it with any other info necessary. I am not able to scan any of my files in Online scanner with any of my browsers. I tried VPN's & fresh new browsers, with troubleshooting mode (addons disabled), no luck. Every time it says, an error occurred. Previously, when it was Kaspersky Scan, it just showed me some writings after the scan with http error. I thought it was due to some error on server side which will be fixed during some time but after getting transformed in virusdesk, still no luck. I have attached screenshots of the actual error & the browser console info what it shows during that error. Is anyone else having this problem. How to solve it? PS: I am from India, Asia. If it is relevant (server-wise). Regards.
  4. Try disabling the encrypted connections scan. Go to Settings > Additional > Network > select 'Do not scan encrypted connections'. Any better?
  5. Hello, Please disable Anti-banner & Private Browsing in settings. Any better?
  6. disk-defrag-setup.exe (Auslogics Disk Defrag Free Download Link PUPs - Install Auslogics Boostspeed Advertisement - Install Ad-aware Web Companion
  7. WRCFree.exe (Wise Registry Cleaner 8.83.563) Download Link Advertisement - Install Spyhunter & Check For Spyware WDCFree.exe (Wise Disk Cleaner Download Link Advertisement - Install Spyhunter & Check For Spyware
  8. Yes, I checked. And still not fixed. I already pointed out all the things here in this topic - http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=344563
  9. GSI RC, Real system, specs in the signature Hello, This version too. Not fixed. Regards.
  10. Hello, Welcome to the forum. Posting here will not do much good. You should report it to Technical Support. And also, Please see this - http://support.kaspersky.com/vulnerability.aspx?el=12429 Regards.
  11. Yes. Here too. MBAM service is not running but the driver is present in the drivers folder so it is detecting the whole as running. Plus, Sticky Password dll's?
  12. GSI RC, Real system, specs in the signature 1. There is still no 'Create Report' or 'Create Full Report' text under the play button. See screenshot 1. 2. During scan, no 'Stop Report' or 'Cancel Report' button either. See screenshot 2. 3. After the report scan was stopped manually (took about ~3 minutes to stop ), the text in the status box said 'Scanning is Complete'. Rather it should say something like 'Scanning cancelled' or 'Scanning Stopped'. See screenshot 3. 4.a In the title bar GSI6 says 'Get System Info' but GSI5 says 'Get System Information'. Is this by design? See screenshot 4 4.b Plus there is no icon in GSI6 but there is one in GSI5. See screenshot 4
  13. All the above are fixed AFAIK are fixed in the new version But, the last one Is still not fixed. See the screenshot.
  14. GSI, Real system, specs in the signature I don't think it's by design as No issue with blue lines on my system. See the screenshot.
  15. GSI, Real system, specs in the signature Yes, here on my system too. No blue links are working.
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