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  1. None of the above worked but I seemed to have found the solution, the extension won't work if I use the one that comes with KTS. Instead I used the one from the Chrome Web Store and it appears to be working fine.
  2. I've just installed Total Security on Win10 which seems to be working all ok but my issue with the version of Password Manager 8 that came with it. The extension does not seem to work in Chrome. When I first installed KPM, Chrome asked me for permission to run the extension which I allowed but didn't actually use immediately. When I closed my browser later, I reopened it for something else and for some reason Chrome again asked me for permission to run it, that never usually happens. Once I grant permission for an extension it doesn't ask again. Anyway I've since noticed the logo for KPM next to the address bar in Chrome is just a blacked-out jigsaw puzzle and it's not offering to save any passwords etc. The KPM control panel opens up if I click on it on my computer task bar and seems fine, it just won't do anything in Chrome. Anyone have a fix?
  3. I have 2 Activation codes attached to my online Kaspersky account for Kaspersky Pure and on my Codes List they both say "You have not used your activation code yet". Does this mean if I download and install Kaspersky Pure I will get the full 12 month license?
  4. I bought a serial key from eBay a few months back and everything was working fine. I formatted my computer and left KPM off for a while. Now when I install it and re-enter the key I get the below message. Assuming the seller was legit and the key is genuine (I'm in the process of contacting him) can anyone suggest what's wrong?
  5. Where can I download KPM 7 from?
  6. I've been using Pure 3 for a few years and the password part of that was always great but I'm using a different anti-virus now but want to keep that bit. I've bought PWM and synchronised it but when I go to a site that I need to log in to I don't get the option of putting the log-in details in like I used to with Pure yet if I open PWM all my passwords and identity data are there. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  7. I may have missed this information posted somewhere but which version of Firefox does patch F support go up to?
  8. Always remember that any dates given by the mods are only guesses and have never been accurate. Best to allow about 6 weeks. Not satisfactory at all but that's Kaspersky for you.
  9. Many thanks - your solution sorted it for me
  10. Edit - answer found at http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?s=&am...t&p=2161912
  11. Is this supposed to work? I've got the latest Pure 3.0 and everything works fine on Chrome except PWM - it's there in the toolbar but I can't seem to sign in to it, it's just 'redded' out.
  12. So how do we get it to install on 8.1? Stupidly I assumed this new patch would be a downloadable version that would allow installation.
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