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  1. Looks like editing is gone. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...p;#entry2228719 In that post I made I wanted to add that in the 2014 Geek KIS the icon way grayed too. Guess we can accept it or go with 2015 when it comes out.* * If you can wait!
  2. I feel the same about the gray icon and amount of time to load when allowing KIS2014 ALL the resources I can with the limited options available. I tried the KIS 2014 Geek version after full uninstall then running the kavremover then ccleaner then manual checking for anything "K" anywhere. (kavremover does a great job, better than anything supplied by any other brand I've tried.) Try running the KIS 2015 RC, No grayed icon, not once in a week for me. It's smooth running too. Win7x64pro SP1 NO ie11
  3. Hi Mikhail, frustrated with KIS months ago I uninstalled. Last week seeing patch e was up I'm using it again. Performance is much improved since I cursed at the red K in the taskbar. Hope I can come back to KIS, was very happy for a few years with it. I just got patch f an hour ago, hope it fixes this protection issue. I was experiencing this bug on my ssd letting KIS use all the resources it wanted, including your advice here. Have not seen the problem yet again, if I do I'll post a gsi.
  4. Sorry`bout that, my intent was to highlight disappointing KLabs direction of removing advanced settings from KIS in the future. I thought that wouldn't deprive anyone that can think about the context of this thread of anything. "For the greater good" has always been a cop-out for it's true intention.
  5. Since last fall logging off a user on my normally quick pc has been like this: Start button - Pwr button arrow - log off ---- repeated about ten times. First I thought it was msft updates/downgrades clogging things up since Win7 had been replaced as the shiny new os. They have a Log on / Log off hotfix for this: KB2751389 I trialed Pure 3 and liked it a lot except it completely filled the rest of my ssd (System Watcher). Fixed that, trial ended, went back to KIS`13. I lowered allowed sys watcher space to 1, to no avail for this issue. Turning it off turned Heuristics off, turning H back on turned SW back on. I've just unhappily lived with it, no other anti... virus, malware or hips, firewalls installed. Strictly K Labs for me. Discovering this: ~ commenting, and the next morning KIS`13 showing it failed to start the last time wants to send large reports. With a lump in my throat I uninstalled, rebooted, used the excellent kavremover, rebooted and am trialing another av-fw combo. I'd prefer to use, and have been able to thoroughly trust Kaspersky since 2009, I'll follow the beta news on the advanced settings, and if the log off slowdown is addressed. If I could use Heuristics and disable System Watcher successfully that would help. Man that's not the direction Kaspersky is going. Now I press the log off button once and in two seconds, not eighteen or twenty-two. I'm at the log on screen. edit: del link to Beta Testing topic.
  6. Pure3 RC ate up 100 GB not MB. Fired up the pc again, added the object only to exclusions, things are smooth again. Props to you edge 10 for the submission, and being of sound mind about this.
  7. I just fought with KIS (f) over this for a while. It fixes by deleting my hosts file. Doop it left me without a hosts file at all. I disabled System Watcher, already had it limited to 1MB after watching what the Pure3 RC did with that module (100MBs). I keep the last few iterations of Hostsmvps on my storage drive and KIS didn't like any of the four I tried to unzip either. Would prefer that the world renowned Kaspersky programmers didn't create this mistake in the first place. Would accept that the same folks fix this without all of us doing their legwork, we pay them I believe. Yep, I'm in a bad way and it's almost noon here, this issue rubbed me the wrong way today. Just now it came up again, I'll ignore and turn the sys watcher back on, that obviously affects heuristics. **Ignore didn't help much, my browser became unusable when I went to update specs in my control panel here. I've had to turn KIS off.
  8. I set up this KIS, v13.0.1.4190EN like for the last four versions. Just searched about this, double checked and my agreement box is checked.....
  9. LongLostBrother, I do agree with that, having the issue I'm having now. I was trying to let you know that 2010 and 2011 had generally slowed my pc when 2012 had not. I've had problems with KIS sometimes but have found the fix or stuck with it, and seen the issue fixed eventually. The previous security suite that I used for years has had serious networking and (seemingly simple to me) GUI issues since I left them (and XPx64) in `09. My pc was turned off last night and turned back on one hour after my scheduled crit. scan today. Two hours later it did do as configured and run the missed scan in the normal amount of time. I'll let it idle again overnight tonight (trying to regain some lost ssd performance) and I'd bet that the scan will hang again. KIS, Win7x64 SP1 updated, ALL software kept up to date, CClean each user once daily almost, reset KIS store reports and objects to 10 and 5 days respectively then cleared all reports yesterday, the hardware is good
  10. LongLostBrother, for me v12.0.0.374 was much better than any version since 2009 in performance right after I replaced 2011 with it. That said, for about ten days I've had my "K" bouncing around when i got on the pc at 10 or 11 am. At Scan- Manage Tasks the scheduled 8am Critical Areas Scan is always at 1% with 17, 23 or some other double digit number of DAYS more than two weeks left in the scan. I've been stopping it and starting a new critical area scan that seems to work right and is done in a couple of minutes. In fairness to Kaspersky who's had the just about the best record for protection recently, on another forum I see other anti-malware suites are having some issues with Win7 and the outdated XP lately.
  11. jjtricket thanks for looking in and offering to help. Just like my second post yesterday I have not had the connectivity issue since right after I installed the official .556 . I'm glad the issue disappeared, been pleased with .556 since I got it as a beta.
  12. Thanks for letting me know folks. Just came back to the pc at halftime and Action Center says my firewall, av and anti-spyware are turned off. KIS reports it's working. Frustrating, E-Mails came up quick again and chromium 62891 opened and worked normally again too. When I opened this topic I had just installed and updated the new official version, maybe one of the initial background scans created the issue?
  13. Mine has, and I know the rules/suggestions for installs/upgrades. To clarify: I remove KIS from the Control Panel - Programs and Features - save nothing - restart - run kavremover_1.0.157 - all known products - restart. On top of that I look at the registry and check for leftover "K" keys. That has kept me from having any install issues since I started using KIS last year. The version of kavremover I have has done a good job of not leaving any keys there. Anyhow I've just got a lag in pages displaying, E-mail might be a bit slower too but it is not as apparent as the browsers I have. Curious if this is an issue for others that had lightning quick access with patch a on the most recent beta this past week.
  14. That was back a couple months ago. The b patch wasn't even listed as in the version tested. But 5 years ago when i was a die-hard nod32 av and Blackspear fan, Kaspersky was always in the top three or so. That's just my memory not that I looked in the archives. With the way KIS has really improved with .548 I think they will have to release a new version before the holiday season starts up. I hope the K lab test results improve there, AV-Comparatives is a well respected site.
  15. King Grub, we're on the same wavelength!! I love pasta too. That first flashy link I did find yesterday from somewhere K related, thanks for telling me why the times didn't correlate. The second is new to me. I guess I really hadn't noticed the time between updates recently, I'm not the set-it-and-forget-it type, but I have been trusting of KIS since I put it on my neighbors pc over a year ago. The schedulers have always done what I set them to do. Thank You, JJ
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