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  1. Hi, I'm getting the attached pic1 to upgrade the plugin to version Anyone else has this issue? I'm running the latest and greatest KSC, Endpoint and Agent. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. You sure you have a genuine CISO? There where millions of fake CISCO's coming out of china with inbuilt back doors. Not even genuine CISCO dealers knew they where selling fakes.
  3. I have them on all machines. Ideally I would want the local task (grey cog) to disappear and have the created task (Yellow folder grey cog) be the only one same for the update task as well. I have done what Nikolay Arinchev suggested and left it over night but still the same. Take a look at this Kaspersky Help page Click Here PLEASE PLEASE!!! Tell me this isn't the only way to remove the local tasks?!?!?!!!
  4. Thanks for the help, However the tasks are still there.
  5. Hi, Can someone explain to me please why there are two full scan tasks see pic? I know the one I created but the grey one seem to be a default one. Do I remove the Policy one? If so how do I control the default one? Can the default one be removed easily? This is causing the "Not scanned for long time" issue.
  6. Stop adding stuff and fix the current AND I MEAN PROPERLY FIX IT (Not scanned for a long time) comes to mind.
  7. Abandoned Kaspersky MDM. It's practically a full time job monitoring and fixing the KAV antivirus with out having look after MDM. Went with AirWatch MDM.
  8. The only other bit of info I found (in the french section) which relates to Exchange 2010 is this I have installed the CA service see Here Still no change!! :dash2:
  9. Hi all, I have a bit of an odd problem. When installing MDM4Exchange in a Windows 2003 server with Exchange 2007 I got the following Error message: The error code is 25002 please see the attached pic. Any ideas what could cause or better still the fix? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, Just checking with our supplier now. As we renewed just the other month.
  11. Hi, I'm having a right battle getting the MDM setup on Our KAV server. I have the iOS MDM Mobile Device Server installed under the Mobile Devices in KSC. When I go to properties of iOS MDM Mobile Device Server and select profiles. I get the attached screen shot. Anyone else ran into this issue? I installed the Pligin located here: C:\ksc 10.0\en\Server\Plugins\MDM4IOS\klcfginst.msi Then installed the setup located here: C:\ksc 10.0\en\MDM4IOS
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