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  1. where is the update for Kaspersky Password Manager for Firefox 26? I cant update my browser untill i have updated Kaspersky Password Manager :/
  2. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...980a2f5d8f02a64 I've been a Kaspersky Pure user, but because kaspersky isnt updated with kaspersky password manager on pure 2.0 I decided that i was going to install Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 (since Pure 3.0 is causing more problems than it solves i wanted to go with kis14 instead). Now here is the problem, after installing Kis14 on my computer and i start it up, when trying to enter anything into the activation code kis14 just simply crashes and i dont know how to fix this, I tried to uninstall and install it again but i get the same thing over again i just crashes when i attempt to enter activation code. I have getsysteminfo up and running, think you could help me out?
  3. been using Keyscrambler premium with kaspersky for years, had no problems
  4. My backups stores in documents, im not talking about firefox or any browsers. this is when i start up the computer, when the systems starts loading and kaspersky starts up for first time, Password Manager starts up too, when that happends i i dont get to where i enter masterpassword i get 3 options that tells me, recover from file, recover from backup or create new pass. Now after alot of back and forth here it seems to be working atleast somewhat, but my recent new pass and changes are gone forever because of this screw up. i have no idea what happend. This have never happend before. I had backups in documents and i had snapshoots that i have takend and downloaded to usb just incase. these where dammaged when i tried to run them. i lost maby a few pass and secure memos, not so critical as i thought i can live with that.. since there is no respond ill consider this thread as dead. Have a nice day.
  5. Did as i always do, downloaded the exe file, disable the self-defence on kaspersky and check if my PM is on, then install new patch and wait for it to finnish and then restart. First of all i have never had any problems with the pm before or the patches, but after this install i was not able to get to my pass/secure memos etc. I got error messages i thought that i would never be able to recover my pass again. And everytime i tried to recover my pass (after entering masterpass on earlier pass) it gave me error messages saying my files have been dammaged. I had to click the uninstall on kaspersky and click repair, reboot and re run everything. still i get alot of error messages. I then completely uninstall kaspersky pure from my system, downloading it again from your site to then later on install everyting back onto my system. then when that is done my PM Give me 3 option to recover file from system, backup or create a new one. I click recover from system since i have taken backup (this does not work). I then try to recover from backup, i enter master password and then tries to recover from my backup. many of my backups where corrupt so i had to go back and recover an earlier snapshot. this did work. Everytime i restart my pc now, Im asked to recover/create new PM. this is getting enoying. As i said.. i have never had any problems with PM before or with the earlier patches. im afraid i will loose my passwords if im not carefull.
  6. Im running Kaspersky Pure, Version; I get the same message, ive used the repair function and it still didnt work out for me, then i downloaded the same version uninstalled same product then reinstalled the entire Product over again and tryed to update it and i still get the same message, that says; not all components where updated. I would like to know how i can solve this aswell since i dont really like the idea of an almost updated product is going to protect me.
  7. when i turn kis10 off ill get right in no problem, but when i have kis10 on it tells me that im not processing enough udp on port 6112.
  8. That is all the exe files there isnt any more of them see screenshot, rest of whats in that folder is dll files and maps
  9. Bump. P.s: i dont expect this post to be a prior, i know that there is more people out there with a bit more serius issus you would need to help out with. So come with your soulution when you have the time
  10. Hello Been using Kaspersky for some time now, and i have to say im never gonna change to another IS ever since this is the best product i ever used But,, I cant play starcraft online it just wont let me even thought i have set it to allow, if i turn off kaspersky and log into game ill get right in, so i know for sure that this is kis10 that block me from internett gameplay. I really dont wanna turn off something that actually is protecting me from every day basis. Is there any guide or howto on this? (StarCraft is a online strategy game) The Game needs to send tcp/udp (port 6112 - tcp 4000) And thanks for making such a awsome IS :pray:
  11. It takes everything from 3-6 mins for me to update KIS, deppends if i use internett while updating. The update takes some time since there are several engines to update but all worth it and if you are a gamer that need internett connection you might wanna set it to upload 1 til 2 times a day in the time you are not playing online, like when you are eating. set it to update when you know your eating breakfast, that way you will have your KIS updated before you use internett etc and the second one at dinner time or night time. Hope it was in any help at all
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