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  1. KLQ files in C:\windows\temp

    Hi, Have you tried to use suggestions from INC000008827990? What was the result? Thank you!
  2. Appication Whitelist

    Hi, Could you please provide us with an export of active policy or with KES configuration file? Thank you!
  3. avp.exe using CPU usage

    Hi, Could you please clarify are there any tasks running while avp.exe consumes 100% CPU? Is there any specific scenario to reproduce the issue or it occurs randomly? Thank you!
  4. Firewall rules export

    Hi, Please create a request to companyaccount.kaspersky.com with your suggestion and we will implement it in future versions. Thank you!
  5. No encryption policy specified

    Hi, It makes more sense to use newer version. You can use any backup you like, it does not play any critical role. Thank you!
  6. Здравствуйте, К сожалению, сделать это сторонними инструментами нельзя.
  7. prevent users stopping usb scan

    Could you please provide us with a screenshot that shows the error and describe the scenario that leads to it? Thank you!
  8. Спасибо за информацию! Пожалуйста, соберите трассировки KES в момент работы задачи обновления. Спасибо!
  9. Здравствуйте, Спасибо за информацию! Пожалуйста, соберите трассировки агента Администрирования, в момент, когда по вашему мнению он должен переключиться на другой профиль. Спасибо!
  10. Спасибо за информацию! При инсталляции не был установлен компонент AdminKitConnector, который отвечает за передачу информацииот KES к Агенту администрирования. Пожалуйста, установите необходимый компонент. Спасибо!
  11. KES10 failed to install from console or locally

    Hi, Yes, you can choose components you`d like to install. Please notice, that Network agent is a part of KSC, not KES. So you have to download KSC distributive. Thank you!
  12. No encryption policy specified

    Hi, Please provide us with new GSI log so we can figure out what went wrong. Thank you!
  13. KES10 failed to install from console or locally

    Hi, Please download a KSC desitributive from support.kaspersky.com, extract a new Network agent package and install it locally or remotely. Please inform us about result. If installation will fail again please provide us with new installation logs or with new GSI report. Also please clarify is it possible to uninstall McAfee Agent and RSD sensor. Thank you!
  14. prevent users stopping usb scan

    Actually, it just hide a window while scan is in progress. So, since there is no window, there is nothing to close.
  15. Здравствуйте, Пожалуйста, приложите к своему ответу отчет GSI с этой машины. Спасибо!