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  1. Nikolay Arinchev

    Errors on Security Center

    Hi, Please create a request to http://companyaccount.kaspersky.com and tell us the number of that incident. Thank you!
  2. Nikolay Arinchev

    Deploy Core Patches with KSC?

    Hi, Yes, you can spread it by KSC deployment task. Also you can use GPO. Thank you!
  3. Nikolay Arinchev

    KES11.0.0.6499 and Slow Outlook

    Hi, Could you please provide us with KES traces along with procmon taces collected while the issue reoccurs? Thank you!
  4. Nikolay Arinchev

    Upgrade to KES 11 with Bitlocker FDE enabled

    Hi, You can learn more here - https://support.kaspersky.com/14307#block3
  5. Nikolay Arinchev

    Clear virus reports on security center 10

    Hi, You can send it to KLCentralSupport user and GSI will be avalible to KL support internal use only. Or you can also create a request to http://companyaccount.kaspersky.com and tell us the incidet number . Thank you!
  6. Николай помогите  пожалуйста своим профессиональным знанием Касперского, в моем вопросе.

  7. According to the log Apache from (C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Apache Server\) could not be installed. Please try to install it manually and then launch installation once again. Please inform us about result.
  8. Нужно открыть файл "C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center\Kaspersky Security Center 10.msc", Выбрать "Управляемые устройства" ,перейти в раздел "Политики", ПКМ на политике для KES -> Все задачи - Экспортировать.
  9. Пожалуйста, добавьте подсеть диапазоном IP адресов и сообщите о результате. СпасибО!
  10. Пожалуйста, приложите к своему ответу логи klbackup. Спасибо!
  11. Nikolay Arinchev

    Squid error after worker config

    Could you please clarify was worker added to cluster via Web UI?
  12. Nikolay Arinchev

    Windows Scheduled Task detected as trojan

    YOu can download KES11 here -https://aes.s.kaspersky-labs.com/english/endpoints/keswin11/kes_win_11.0.0.6499_en_aes256.exe
  13. Nikolay Arinchev

    Enabling Cryptography KSC 11

    You have to tell these symbols to System administrator, who enters them to KSC and tell you back some other symbols, which you should enter to get access to your OS.
  14. Nikolay Arinchev

    deploying windows 10 using pxe

    Hi, Could you please clarify is this host is brand new or you are re-installing OS?

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