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  1. Damn. If I knew that I would have just purchased the version from the Kaspersky Website
  2. Can't edit my old post. I did what has been suggested here: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...t&p=2113100 Everything seems ok now. Thanks
  3. Just wanted to open my own topic but I decided to use the search feature. I had this problem in KIS 2013 also but it's a bit more noticable now with KIS 2014. I disabled the protection and the webpages seem to load much faster. Any ideas what to do? EDIT: Writing this post before reading the topic.
  4. No torrent. I know some of my shit Anyway, I closed Yahoo messenger and ... I am down to 15 connections. This forum seems super fast right now.
  5. I waited around 30 seconds for my post to get posted, I had to click again on the Add Topic... only to instantly get the "flood control error". So sometimes it's quick, sometimes is not.
  6. I started to have slow browsing internet and I started to "debug" it to see what's causing this since my internet it's pretty good. I think my router has some problems but I still find slowness sometimes when I put the cable directly into my PC. So I decided to PAUSE Kaspersky ... and I got 938 Open Connections. Can this cause the problem? Where can I see those connections? Thanks
  7. WEll that's the thing. That EXE does not appear on the list. I never ran it before. I want to block internet access before I run it. THanks
  8. Hello, how can I block an EXE file from accessing the internet? I have KIS 2013. Thank You
  9. I forghot Once I didn't rebooted my PC for over like 62 days.
  10. I found in: C:\Users\All Users\Kaspersky Lab\AVP11\Bases\Cache A lot of fies that in total have around 1.8GB. How can I empty this Cache folder? I have around 30gb on my C drive and I always have space problems Thanks
  11. Hello, right now I have KIS 2011 Trial and my trial is going to run out today. I want to purchase KIS for 3 PC's the problem is that I can't do it today and I also can't do it for the next week because I'm going to leave for a vacation. Is there any way to gain an extra 1-2 weeks of trial? Thanks
  12. Hello everybody, I just installed Windows 7 (final version) and Kaspersky 2010 and I found a problem. I "paused" the protection. Kaspersky stopped. Now when I right click again on the system tray icon I see this: Resume Protection (stopping) And it's gray so I can't click it. I exit Kaspersky, entered again, same thing. I tried to END TAKS avp.exe but I can't stop it. It says: The operation could not be completed. Access is denied. Ah, and yes, I have admin rights. So basically I can't resume the protection and I can't stop Kaspersky. Any sugestions? THanks EDIT: Actually I can't exit Kaspersky at all.
  13. I don't know why, but Anti-Hacker dosn't want to start. It just says "failure" at all the 3 sections: Anti-Hacker, Firewall, Intrusion Detection System.
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