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  1. Many thanks for your reply. I have understood that this is only available to the UK&US market for the moment. But, WILL this APP be released for the rest of us or not? If not, then I have to look for another solutions... Regards, Ole
  2. Hello! I tried yesterday to download the APP for my iPhone. Got a message from iTunes, telling that this item was not available in the Norwegian store; “you will be transferred to the US store. Here the Kaspersky password manager was available Yes, the only obstacle that remained was to press the "purchase" button, even if it is free! But hey! Then I got another message, telling me that I’m not allowed to do any purchase in the US store, iTunes will send you back to the Norwegian store… So, I’m just curious if this product will be available for the rest of us to test… Thanks and regards, Ole
  3. Hi again! Now I'am confused... Uninstalled and reinstalled. Got first the following information: "Trial license, 30 days left from 30. Then I entered my master password and choose exit and KPM .148 ended. Started KPM .148 again and the following information came up: This time there is no information about any trial license. But, when I try to enter the license key, I get the message "invalid license key". And it seems that the KPM is not activated, but does the text "commercial license for 1 computer" mean that it is OK? Any explanation? Thanks and regards, Ole Martin
  4. Hi, No, it doesn't seems to be activated. See picture; not activated. But there is no text displaying that you have 30 days to activate. And it tells me that i have a commercial license for one computer. Regards, Ole Martin
  5. Hi all! Just upgraded from to Entered the same key again (have key for two computers, only used one=still one available). KPM tells me that the key is invalid. Any suggestion? PS: just uninstalled the .148 version and reinstalled the .147 version. The key is also invalid at this build. What is wrong here? Thanks and regards, Ole Martin
  6. Liberte50, thanks for your reply! First, I tried Kaspersky support. They replied that there was nothing they could do about it; I had to contact the online store. And you already know the outcome of that request. I have removed KPM and KIS 2011 from my computer. I will not use product from a vendor that have such a bad support. Not talking about that amount of money, it is the principles that matters. And someone at support even promised me a free upgrade as a Christmas gift! Enough is enough! Good luck to the rest of you here, take care. BR, Ole Martin
  7. Hi all! I asked Kaspersky for a refund. Here is what they replied: Dear xxxx, Thank you for contacting the Kaspersky Lab online store. We apologize for the inconvenience. We have received your request for a refund on order number xxxx. Please accept our apologies; the Kaspersky Lab online store provides a period of 14 days for evaluation of most products. After 14 days the refund period ends and is strictly enforced. This is outlined in our refund policy. Now I have a software that does not work at all. And Kaspersky demands that I purchase KPM 5 in order to get this working! As already mentioned, I will not accept to purchase the software again. Not working means uninstalling and forget Kaspersky completely. Regards, Ole Martin
  8. Liberte50; I totally agree with you! I was promised that this issue should be taken care of, in a given timeframe. This timeframe is passed and I am finished with Kaspersky. The products are not bad, but the support is not worth mentioned at all. I have just uninstalled KPM and have ordered another product that suits my need. Happy new year to all of you! Thanks and regards, Ole Martin
  9. Hi dklord666! It’s not the cost of the product that concerns me. My concern is the fact that the latest v4 version suddenly doesn’t work and locks up IE8. In this case, Kaspersky should have come with a fix for v4 that solve the issue for their customers. Instead, they release a new major version and demand their customers to pay again in order to get the product to function as intended. Where is the logic? As in my case: purchased v4 five weeks ago, for 3 computers. After 3 weeks, 2 of the computers look up using KPM. After testing, it seems that V5 solves the issue. Well, as already said; it is not talk about the relative small cost, it is a question about principles. EDIT: sorry, I quoted the wrong post... Thanks and regards, Ole Martin
  10. Danilka; I have checked your link, and have one question: I have already paid for the software, do Kaspersky expect me to purchase it again since the former version had a bug and couldn't be used? Thanks and regards, Ole Martin
  11. mrsamuel; I completely agree with you! In my case, we purchased 3 licenses for KPM 4.x, 5 weeks ago. It worked for a few weeks, and then KPM locked up my IE8. After that, the software was useless and I had to uninstall KPM. One in the developer team sent me a PM and told me that I had to wait for the new KPM 5. This release would be released in a few weeks, and would probably solve my issue. Then the KPM 5 was released and to my surprise, I could not use my newly purchased license! I have asked here on the forum, sent Kaspersky a mail and finally sent them a PM, without any answer at all. I have 4 days remaining of my “trial”. If this isn’t resolved until my “trial” expires, I will uninstall the KPM. Come on Kaspersky; I have already have paid for software, you can’t expect me to purchase it again since the former version had a bug? I work in the IT department in our company, and purchased 3 licenses for testing before implement the software to the employees. Needless to say, there will be no more Kaspersky SW at our company if this is the outcome. Regards, Ole Martin
  12. Hi! I have just downloaded the version 5 as this should cure the problem mentioned. But hey, is Kaspersky kidding me?? The v4 license does NOT work on the v5. So, why does Kaspersky tell me that that a useless v4 version should be substituted with a v5 version that I can’t install and use??? I have bought 3 v4 licenses for testing. If this is the outcome, there will be no more purchases of a useless tool. Sorry Kaspersky! I will now uninstall KPM and KIS and go for another complete and functionally suite. Regards, Ole Martin
  13. Thanks Richbuff! I have sent Petr a PM. This is rather strange. Password manager worked fine for 3 weeks on two of my computers. One at work, running XP and Symantec endpoint protection. And one of my home computers, running W7 and KIS2011. Something happened that lead to this problem on both computers, almost simultaneously. Regards, Ole Martin
  14. Hi! Any news regarding this issue? I have used password manager for 3 weeks without any problem. A few days ago, my pc starts acting as described here. The only way to overcome the problem, is to use task manager OR closing down password manager (using the EXIT option). This is not the way it should work! Kaspersky, please do something about it... EDIT: it also seems that surfing the internet with password manager locked, also cure the problems. Thanks and regards, Ole Martin
  15. Whizard. With all respect; sometimes it is great to know if other member has solved their problem. Open a tech support ticket request, you say. With MY experiences with Kaspersky support, that could take ages! My case: Opened a case on august the 30th. Kaspersky responded September the 2nd, and I answered their question the same day. Kaspersky then answered October the 21th, and also apologized for the very long response time. Again, and I answered their question the same day. The latest answer from Kaspersky is dated November the 24th, and again apologized for the long response time. Well, the case is still not solved 3 months after I opened the support request. Therefore, it should be OK to ask if someone with the same problem has solved their issue. Thanks and regards, Ole Martin
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