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  1. Actually quite the reverse is true. You would know this if you read the beta thread properly. in MR1 they are bringing certain requested features back.
  2. Hello, here is my input and advice. It isn't just scaremongering on MS part. You really should strongly consider upgrading. My personal preference is still W7 and I believe you would find that less hassle. The process isn't that complicated and there are numerous well documented and illustrated guides on the internet free of charge to ease you through it and help avoid any catastrophies. I found XP or Vista drivers worked okay for hardware components that didn't have W7 drivers. KAV/KIS can only do so much and can't prevent all operating system vulnerabilities and exploits being taken advantage of. Also as far as I am aware, Kaspersky product support for windows XP systems will be included in the 2015 product but after that may be withdrawn.
  3. Moto G, Android 4.4.2, KIS build I don't have that setting on Gmail app build 4.7.2. Instead mine says days of mail to sync. The default is 30 days anyhow. When I refreshed the inbox to show older messages I got a connection error. But I tried again and it worked. It didn't take a long time and everything was displayed correctly. I don't know if this was KIS or not. It probably is a Gmail issue. Youtube app build 5.3.32 is working fine too.
  4. They do not. Best practice for Windows VM is to install windows, then install any service packs and updates required from Microsoft via Microsoft Update. Same goes for .net framework. If you need to install a newer version, say 4.5.1 do so. After all this is done you can then take a copy of the VM or backup image. Use this fully patched and prepared VM as the master. Saves a lot of time redownloading the copious updates over and over again.
  5. I have the same on my phone. Moto G, Android 4.4, KIS4A premium version
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I understand the limitation better now. Incidentally I have two SMS clients on my phone. -Messaging build 4.4.2-5 (set as default because I prefer it to Hangouts) -Hangouts build 2.0.303 (1004807-30) I send and receive SMS using Messaging only. They are not logged or visible in Hangouts. So as far as I can see the limitation only really affects people who have set Hangouts as the default SMS client. As for AT I can't enable that anyhow since it conflicts with the Motorola AT solution. Hangouts can also be used on earlier Android 4.0 and above for SMS too. So if anyone uses that for SMS set as default, does the same issue occur or can KIS get rights?
  7. KIS for Android MR3, Motorola Moto G + Android 4.4.2 I confirm the warning messages for PP and AS display properly. However, what exactly is the problem out of interest? I would like to know why 'technical limitations' of Android 4.4 are being given as a reason for them not working. I can't take a statement like that at face value without seeing supporting documentation or grounds. WiFi works still (the latest build hasn't broken it) No issues other than known ones.
  8. exactly or recycling it etc. Please add the removal option to the protection center. even if it generates an email or sms to the device's allocated anti-theft contact asking for a confirmation code as a security measure.
  9. Hello, as I previously posted the beta will not activate with your normal commercial code. it can only be activated as a 60 day trial. Rodion asked you to try it temporarily and see if the wireless drop out was fixed on your phone with the current build. Have a nice weekend.
  10. Hello you have leftovers from 2012 and 2013 Kaspersky products on your system. To remedy this I would advise you to try running the removal tool in windows safe mode. first select 2012 from the product list. let the removal tool do its thing and reboot again into safe mode. run the tool again for the 2013 version. restart again and run it for the 2014 version. Then restart a final time and it should install correctly after all the clearing up. http://support.kaspersky.com/common/service.aspx?el=1464
  11. I believe this is what is being referred to. If so, I suggest you contact tech titan for support with the activation code they provided to you. Email : support@tech-titan.com
  12. I was not suggesting the Google Play version was any less reliable. I have just never installed it from that store. Also if you decide to try the beta as suggested by Rodion above please note it will only activate with 60 day premium trial for beta testing at the moment.
  13. If you mean KIS Rescue Disc then it can potentially recover a system infected with malware to the point of inoperability without the need to resort to your Acronis Backup. as for burning the image (you can write it to USB drive instead) I would do so just in case you need it at some point. It can update with definitions provided your computer has a compatible LAN/WLAN device installed. Most are supported now though.
  14. you need to sort that with BestBuy/GeekSquad. They have their own subscription and billing system for Kaspersky products they sell.
  15. Hello, the wifi proxy issue is not resolved in that build. keep an eye on this section for news of the next build release. Hopefully the one currently in beta testing resolves that issue. as for install advice, I have always downloaded and used the version on the Kaspersky site and not Google Play so can't advise on that.
  16. http://yadi.sk/d/jLmSAdCwGnr2z Download link above
  17. Hello, please download 2014 instead. you are entitled to do so with your 2013 license. http://www.kaspersky.com/productupdates
  18. Happy Birthday Dmitry from everyone at Planet Express and me as well
  19. Hello, for compatibility with FF26, please download all available database updates in KIS. Then restart your PC. After which you should find FF works okay.
  20. you're welcome. that is a decent scan time given the volume of files on your machine.
  21. Just a further update on the BlueBox Security Scanner. BlueBox have patched their program. There is a new build (1.8) on Google Play which no longer triggers this detection. It seems to have worked too.
  22. yes, it would be wise to remove the incompatible comodo internet security from your system. if still taking too long, you can exclude compressed archive files from the full scan. why is this okay to do? because they will still be scanned on access by realtime protection. this will greatly reduce the scan time.
  23. I cannot recreate this issue on Android 4.4.2. What happens when I tap delete is the Android 'Do you want to uninstall this app?' dialogue appears. I tap uninstall and the scanner is removed successfully. So if there is a removal bug then it seems to be specific to certain phones or versions of Android.
  24. Would there be any benefit to me adding similar instructions to adamgibbo's for setting up and using the Android SDK tools on Linux? It works just as well.
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