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  1. Actually quite the reverse is true. You would know this if you read the beta thread properly. in MR1 they are bringing certain requested features back.
  2. Performance/Compatibility

    KAV, Real Machine W7 SP1 x64, FF 27.0.1. - Plugin compatibility issue When the FF browser extensions are enabled some websites including this forum gets obscured. See attached examples. edit: Added to doc. FF_Extensions_traces.zip
  3. KAVKIS 2015 beta-testing is starting

    They are a Chrome virtual keyboard and a content blocker. Extensions seem to be enabled okay on my FF 27.0.1 however you have to agree to them in Firefox when it opens.
  4. Kaspersky interface

    The interface has to be high contrast for people with visual impairments. I like it minimalistic like it is rather than following the herd and trying to mimic windows tiles.
  5. GUI_Help

    KAV, Real Machine - W7 SP1 x64, Asus F3Sr Notebook, Intel T7250 2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM Clean installation of W7 SP1 fully updated as is .net Framework. On restart after installation there is no tray icon. I will enable traces and try to get something to back this up.
  6. KAVKIS 2015 beta-testing is starting

    Incremental updates? Almost spat out my coffee in surprise when I saw that. Thanks for listening to all the feedback and finally doing something about it I'm hoping for many improvements from 2015 to tempt me back from the dark side. That certainly is a step in the right direction. MR1 sounds good. Initial thoughts on KAV after installing: -Export/Import of settings is back which is great. -Exclusion rules dialogue is still a pain to use. Please at least allow it to open the Browse dialogue in the last directory where an exe was added from like the Trusted Applications window does. When you have several application EXE to add from a single program directory it is frustrating having to drill down through the hard drive folders for each one individually. -Installation download file is good. -Exclusion rules and Trusted applications now work as they should again. Before in 2013 and 2014 builds they completely ignored the rules I created.
  7. Hello, here is my input and advice. It isn't just scaremongering on MS part. You really should strongly consider upgrading. My personal preference is still W7 and I believe you would find that less hassle. The process isn't that complicated and there are numerous well documented and illustrated guides on the internet free of charge to ease you through it and help avoid any catastrophies. I found XP or Vista drivers worked okay for hardware components that didn't have W7 drivers. KAV/KIS can only do so much and can't prevent all operating system vulnerabilities and exploits being taken advantage of. Also as far as I am aware, Kaspersky product support for windows XP systems will be included in the 2015 product but after that may be withdrawn.
  8. KIS for Android RC

    Moto G, Android 4.4.2, KIS build I don't have that setting on Gmail app build 4.7.2. Instead mine says days of mail to sync. The default is 30 days anyhow. When I refreshed the inbox to show older messages I got a connection error. But I tried again and it worked. It didn't take a long time and everything was displayed correctly. I don't know if this was KIS or not. It probably is a Gmail issue. Youtube app build 5.3.32 is working fine too.
  9. They do not. Best practice for Windows VM is to install windows, then install any service packs and updates required from Microsoft via Microsoft Update. Same goes for .net framework. If you need to install a newer version, say 4.5.1 do so. After all this is done you can then take a copy of the VM or backup image. Use this fully patched and prepared VM as the master. Saves a lot of time redownloading the copious updates over and over again.
  10. KIS for Android MR3

    I have the same on my phone. Moto G, Android 4.4, KIS4A premium version
  11. KIS for Android MR3

    Thanks for the clarification. I understand the limitation better now. Incidentally I have two SMS clients on my phone. -Messaging build 4.4.2-5 (set as default because I prefer it to Hangouts) -Hangouts build 2.0.303 (1004807-30) I send and receive SMS using Messaging only. They are not logged or visible in Hangouts. So as far as I can see the limitation only really affects people who have set Hangouts as the default SMS client. As for AT I can't enable that anyhow since it conflicts with the Motorola AT solution. Hangouts can also be used on earlier Android 4.0 and above for SMS too. So if anyone uses that for SMS set as default, does the same issue occur or can KIS get rights?
  12. KIS for Android MR3

    KIS for Android MR3, Motorola Moto G + Android 4.4.2 I confirm the warning messages for PP and AS display properly. However, what exactly is the problem out of interest? I would like to know why 'technical limitations' of Android 4.4 are being given as a reason for them not working. I can't take a statement like that at face value without seeing supporting documentation or grounds. WiFi works still (the latest build hasn't broken it) No issues other than known ones.
  13. KIS for Android MR3

    exactly or recycling it etc. Please add the removal option to the protection center. even if it generates an email or sms to the device's allocated anti-theft contact asking for a confirmation code as a security measure.
  14. new vers

    Hello, as I previously posted the beta will not activate with your normal commercial code. it can only be activated as a 60 day trial. Rodion asked you to try it temporarily and see if the wireless drop out was fixed on your phone with the current build. Have a nice weekend.
  15. Birthday Dmitry Goslavsky

    Congratulations on being a day older Seriously though, Happy Birthday Dmitry!