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  1. KTS on an android phone

    That's great! Thanks for your reply.
  2. I have a license for KTS multi-device for five users. I would like to use one of the licenses for my android phone however when I go to the Google store I can only see KIS for download. Can I use the KTS key for the android KIS download?
  3. I had patch F install without issue... You guys who have issue with the restart have fast start enabled in power options? afaik with it enabled stops the OS from completely shutting down on manually restarting
  4. Ok, I've just renewed my subscription at Barclays and initially had the same issue. I use win10 with IE11 and temporarily turned off the pop up blocker in internet options>privacy and was able to renew my free subscription. hth
  5. You can disable Kaspersky Security Network at your own risk under settings>additional>additional protection tool settings
  6. Where did you purchase the licence?
  7. To copy an open active window I use Alt+Printscreen it works fine pasting it into paint. I'm using KIS
  8. Out of interest does the streaming use Microsoft Silverlight?
  9. I was in the same situation recently! My solution was to take up the Barclays offer for Kaspersky Total solution licence for five devices for a minimal sum.
  10. Is the date and time set correctly on your pc?
  11. I would suggest you check that traces is not enabled (settings>support icon at lower left of the box>support tools) It should look like this ----------------------------- edit: Hi, mike. This topic thread was un-hijacked. Quote: "What is SSD?" "If..." "How..." "Why..." Please open your own topic. That way, the Original Poster can have his topic to himself. Without digressing interruptions, the Original Poster has a nice, smooth process of ask and receive help for himself. The same for you can be had, if you open your own topic thread.
  12. Right click the K icon in the taskbar>pause protection
  13. I have found the network monitor tool a bit useless for monitoring network traffic with both MR0 and MR1 is it's accuracy not consistent. Some days it seems believable then on others it grossly underestimates data usage up and down.