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  1. Hi all. We installed KES 10 client and network agent for a laptop user, his Office 2007 applications like Word and Excel were fine before the install (he was using Kaspersky for workstations version 6 before). Since the new install, the apps (Excel, Word) open fast as ever, its a quad core laptop, but when you close any file, with or without saving, it takes up to one minute for each app to close. Event logs show nothing unusual. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can offer.
  2. Hi everyone, we just implemented a Juniper SSL gateway for our remote users to replace an aging VPN system. Works great, except that remote users Kaspersky MP4 clients wont sync with the Admin Kit. Its early days yet, and we have been working between setups for those who will use WSAM or Network Connect through the device, currently our remote users cannot be seen by the AK through either method. We have a mobile policy for these users so they can get updates, but we need to monitor them with the AK and unfortunately it can be weeks before they connect to our LAN/WAN in the branch offices. Just wondering if anyone here has been through this sort of start-up and can guide us in the right direction to get the SSL GW to allow the clients to talk to the AK. We are, of course, also talking to our Juniper vendor. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.
  3. Thanks, I did read the article on the NDIS feature, however it appears that there is no way to prevent its installation on XP Pro 32bit which we are using!
  4. Thanks Helmut, question then that comes to mind is how to we exclude that from the packages? I just checked the package properties, there is no specific switch there to exclude this.... any suggestions please?
  5. xrxzipui.exe is Xerox software which we have installed... can't find much info on the other one. Good test for Kaspersky I guess...
  6. Okay, so is KL supposed to kill these little nasties ? The machine has not yet had a full scan at this point....
  7. SoI found someone at my remote site to reset that PC which did not restart, it's back up and running however I cannot even ping it now. One of the things that came to mind, I had to call KL Support a while ago as my own laptop could not be seen after installing Kaspersky, they had me remove the kaspersky antivirus NDIS filter component from my NIC settings. We had one other user who had similar issues.... perplexed!
  8. Crap! I hate being a newbie! :laugh3: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4148a3193fff41a Does that work for you?
  9. Sorry, please see my other response! :dash1:
  10. (sorry, quoted wrong forum post!) Okay, I ran the system info tool as you requested. We are using net agent 6.0.1710 And the av package is OS is WinXP 32 bit, SP2 (some have SP3, same problem) All are Lenovo ThinkCentres
  11. Okay, it seems like on my local network the steps suggested do work. however, at the remote site, it seems like the PC did not reboot, it shut down. I started a new topic for this, because we have seen this happening on a variety of PCs since rolling out Kasper.
  12. We are seeing a number of PCs which when requsted to restart, shut down. This only happens after installation of KL6. Has anyone else see this? I did a search on the forum but no hits. Thx
  13. Okay, so I made a new group, no policy. I took a remote machine which only had Symantec on it, installed the network agent, uninstalled Symantec using the uninstall script, then deployed the AV package. As soon as it was about 85% installed, my network connection to the remote station was terminated. I was able to access the workstation with Remote Desktop to force a reboot. The admin kit can no longer communicate with the workstation now, nor can Remote Desktop, Dameware or even NetMeeting which we used to use along with its Remote Desktop Sharing function... As my tech at that site is on vacation today, I am basically screwed for getting into the box until he returns. I will set up a box on my local LAN to see what more I can learn. I appreciate your suggestion, however your suggestion regarding no policy does not seem relevant. Thanks
  14. Well, simply, Kaspersky is blocking our access to remote workstations entirely. We are just rolling out Kaspersky, we have been using Dameware with Symantec for several years now. I have read various threads here but so far we need to more or less disable K in order to get this to work. I did allow the two executables to be exceptions in the policy, but so far that does not seem to work. Thanks
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