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  1. Hi! Wanted to access to the Sudameris Bank Paraguay e-bank site, however when i do so i get a popup that says it was blocked because its a fraudulent site.- Which causes the site to reload constantly and hence KIS blocking it again and again: Whats weird to me that KIS doesn't block or says anything when I am on the bank´s main site (www.sudamerisbank.com.py); the fraudulent detection triggers when i access the e-bank section of the site only.- Using KIS Windows 7 SP1 64-bit OS Firefox 44.0.2 getsystem info log: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...4e3e0de9d3b4f9d
  2. Hi, just saw the title of thread and read it, and did the test. typed "chkdsk /r" in cmd window on admin privileges... got this error: running a Win7 x86 AMD Athlon Machine / Pure 2.0 ( ab)
  3. Followed the instructions on the link, and finally, it works, gmail, and even my local bank site, on Firefox 12.0 Thanks a lot!
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I exited FF and all browsers when installing the Kaspersky certificate. Also reinstalled Firefox and tried to install the certificate on a clean FF 12.0 install (deleted all addons resetted all settings to default, etc.)... still the wizard only installs the certificate for Opera, IE, and chrome but not for firefox.
  5. Hello, im currently Running Pure 2.0 ( ab) on a Windows 7 machine Thing is when i enable the option to scan encrypted connections the wizard will install the kaspersky certificate for chrome, opera, IE but not for Firefox (Using version 12.0), hence i encounter this error when i visit for instance: mail.google.com or any site that requires SSL for that matter. tried to install certificate manually as described here: http://www.onlinehowto.net/install-ssl-cer...-in-firefox/784 with no success I also have opera and chrome installed, both of them work without a problem.
  6. Firefox? how on earth is going to be firefox the one that blocks TF, when KIS parental control module is the one doing it? Parental control disabled: i can access http://torrentfreak.com/ like always. Parental control enabled: (see attachment)
  7. Kaspersky blocking TorrentFreak... reason: illegal software... really?? a News site? At first thought it was a joke, then checked for myself, no longer can access the site. What on earth happened here? https://torrentfreak.com/kapersky-blocks-to...ntfreak-110622/ Please tell me that it is a big mistake.
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