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  1. Are there any GFIMAX users here that are baffled with the Anti-virus update check? Where does the Kaspersky pattern version come from and how do I check it?
  2. The Kaspersky license on my clients computer is set to expire on 07/05/10. The new backup license key was deployed on all computers for my client weeks ago however it doesn't stick on on this individual computer. I tried pushing it out again via the Kaspersky Admin kit and adding it to the computer manually. The status shows success however the license reverts back to the old key. Admin Kit on Windows Small Business Server 2003. Client computer is Windows XP professional. Kaspersky product version 8.0.2048.0
  3. TyBilly, Somehow I didn't think so but thought I would ask. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Good morning all! We use Win Server & Workstation v5 and over the course of 18 months we've added a number of Workstation licenses. The initial was a 15 user and since we've added 4 more 5 user licenses. Each time we perform a deployment task we need to associate it with one of five license keys which requires 5 deployment tasks. Is there a way to combine licenses so that we can create a single deployment task? Thanks, Jeff
  5. I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy here in a mission critical situation. The only way out was to reboot the server. I thought virus protection was supposed to help, not hinder. :angry: Any forensics or tips on what to do next time would be greatly appreciated.
  6. It's a battle between two of the three kavmm.exe process and csrss.exe to see which one can burn my server up first. Between the three processes they leave my two processor file server with no cpu cycles left for anything else. There is no scan currently running and the only tasks running are Real Time File Protection & Real Time Script Protection, neither of which can be stopped. HELP!! TIA
  7. Regardless of what I use for an SMTP Server I get the error: "Error sending command to SMTP server" The admin kit is installed on SBS2003 TIA
  8. I'm new to Kaspersky and my waders are no longer keeping the water out. Now that every one of my 24 Windows XP Workstations has deleted wextract.exe due to yet another false positive how do I restore the file? Please tell me there is a way to do this from the Admin Kit. I've scoured this forum and can't seem to find the answer I'd like so I'm assuming I'm on my own. What do other admins do? If I Quarantine instead of delete can I restore from Quarntine using the Admin Kit? TIA
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