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  1. hello there, i thought id drop a line to see if anyone has found a cure for the BUG that is KIS 2012 slow PC. ive done what everyone suggests, unistalled, installed, unistalled using KIS tool, installed, tweeked whacked the keyboard, generally im a hacked off customer and Kaspersky has no answer to the multitude of disgruntled customers. My PC grinds to a halt when on the internet and on occasion freezes. XP IE8. fed up
  2. hello all, after installing KIS2012 my internet browsing has come to a crawl. the tech boys suggested that i unistall 2012 and reinstall again to cure problem. My objection to this is that after uninstalling 2011 to 2012, the software destroyed my office on PC to which luckly the helpful people in here sorted things out, It cost me 4 days of repair so am a bit niffed at their response. There must be a more sensible answer as i dont wish to go down unistall avenue. look forward to opinions http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...8a6a404425c4bbf
  3. reading this forum just makes me look into things that before never crossed my mind :b_lol1: anyways, after Hoemee sorted my OFFICE 2007 troubles (which is much appreciated) have noticed that my CPU usage is high, averaging probably 60%. It is split between SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS and AVP.EXE. should i be worried ? as ive said its something that has not crossed my mind untill reading comments in this forum, as it seems to be a much discussed topic. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...6915fb178c0c650
  4. you is such a god did as you said using the microsoft fix and unistalled. Then re-installed but it was doing strange things like the installer program was starting up when trying to open excell and outlook. so uninstalled again via control panel, reinstalled but didnt cure. unistalled again via control panel then used the microsoft fix you linked me then used the revo, but that found nothing, so i manually searched the PC and manually deleting anything OFFICE labeled. reinstalled again and so far all lovely thank you again btw still nothing from the technical team :bravo:
  5. hello all, thought id start a new post on this subject as no one seems to have an answer. im running XP and have office 2007 and worked perfectly with KIS 2011. This week i upgraded to KIS 2012. i unistalled as kaspersky suggest, using the kavremover and installed 2012. The result is office no longer works. It doesnt repair, uninstall, install, infact does nothing. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...71f242fb23d33d4 im really getting ****** off. Still no reply from the technical team via direct email btw hope someone can help :dash1:
  6. hya just an update for all as PC only two years old i refused to believe the hard drive was failing so book it into local shop for a look would you believe they found nothing wrong with it. grrrrrrrrr its now back home and behaving itself so am lost and stumped but thank you for your kind help, hope you al didnt take offence in not taking head of your words. have a feeling this not the last of my PC funny business
  7. hya sorry bout delay pc crashed again so did a complete install again full format and not the quick version. still getting the wierd box for a milli second on start up still freezes on occasion at startup finally got to install hd tune
  8. im not having much luck here today tryed to install and got message "unable to create temp. file.. E1117 due to I/O device error
  9. where do i find this smart diagnostic tool and is it self explanitory to use as i not that PC literate lol
  10. hya have just done a quick format of pc as had virus . have loaded up xp again and pc is still playing about ie it freezes and i get windows delayed write failure messages. surely there must be a virus in the BIOS. i ask this because when xp starts up and i get the desktop picture up, just for a milli second a box appears ( blink and i miss it ) virus scan says nothing found on a deep deep scan report enclosed http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...9b2b7e1369141db i surely dont have to do a clean install again do i ?
  11. hya sorry about delay but just an update uninstalled kaspersky and lost control of mouse and other strange things. so i just formatted hard drive and did a fresh install thank you though for your help
  12. does it have to be physically saved in C drive or can i place it on desktop ? (removal tool)
  13. HELLO as of yesterday my computer has started to freeze after start up approx 10mins. there seems to be no viruses and if im doing things correctly the only way it seems not to do it is if i pause security from task bar as soon as possible. So maybe im thinking kaspersky is at fault but dont know why as its behaved itself. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c4fa8c&ms=0 have restarted pc so many times now that i think XP is getting corrupted as restore wont work now and getting windows delayed write failed
  14. so basically delete or clear the list and they will never surface again in a scan report as kaspersky has got rid/neutralised the threats on my hard drive. More worried about the trojans and keyloggers as have been victim of fraud in the past
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