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  1. Hi, Some of the customers are running MS SQL server on custom ports so it would be great if you could add the option to specify the SQL Server port during the custom installation of Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. Hi Kirill, This article saved my time http://support.kaspersky.com/12193 Fixed the problem, mistake were in the following steps; 1- Connection Gateway DNS entry was not defined. Defined it later which is must. 2- When enabling the "Mobile Device" Support, Specify the Kaspersky Security Center local IP or External. i used local since my doing test in local network. 3- When defining connection gateway in administration server properties, specify the connection gateway FQDN in the section "DNS names of the update agents for access by mobile devices" 4- KSM package properties "FQDN" of the connection gateway must be specified. If IP address is specified the KESM will fail to synchronization ( i dont why, maybe its because the certificate contains the domain name). attached some screenshots Best regards,
  3. Hi Kirill, Could you please give me more details meaning in which step i made mistake. Best regards,
  4. hi Guys, I am trying to connect the mobile devices (android) with KSM10 installed via connection gateway but every time when i initiate synchronization request from the KSM it fails with error ("Failed to connect to adminsitration server"). Scenario: 1- Windows Server 2012 R2 with Kaspersky Security Center 10 SP2, Windows 7 as connection gateway, Android 4.4. 2- Mobile Support enabled, while adding/enabling the mobile support window where ask for the "Administration Server Address for the mobile device connection" i added the Connection gateway IP Address address.... is it right? 3- Added the KSM10 package in remote installation repository, specified the connection gateway IP address and created the standalone installation package. 4- distributed the installation package to the mobile device it got installed but synchronization fails. 5- I have checked the that connection gateway, correctly defined as connection gateway, is connected to the KSC and listening on 13000, 13292. But mobile device does not sync. i dont know where what is wrong, any idea? And also i did not use the DNS names anywhere. best regards,
  5. hi, add notification/indicator for user to know if the session(remote desktop sharing) in progress or terminated by the KSC administrator.
  6. Hi Guys, Just did the upgrade from KSC10SP1 to KSC10SP2 along with the webconsole and user can not login to the self service protal. It keeps giving invalid username and password error, i have cross checked the permission it has self service portal access granted in the KSC-->Security Settings.... I dont know what happening everything was working fine before the upgrade....
  7. It would be great if add the detailed audit logs of administrators activity in the KSC. In the current version you just get administrator/user modified the Policy and that's it, but what was modified in the policy remains the mystery. Role based Access in the KSC is meaning less if the detailed audit logs are not available. Hope you consider that before commercial release.
  8. Hi Guys, i need to know if it possible to implement Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway in the cluster/fail over mode? if yes then does it automatically replicate the configuration between each other. Documentation in this regard is highly appreciated
  9. create a batch with required klmover switch, upload it in the ksc and remotely deploy it.
  10. Thanks! i got it working it was the uri problem.
  11. Not really, do i need to create a ticket for it? here is my scenario of testing, i am using squid proxy and i want scan its traffic over ICAP using KAV 8 FSEE. PS: i dont want to use kAV for proxy servers
  12. Hi Guys, I am testing the same, could you please provide me the request and respond uri for the integration with KAV 8 FSEE.
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