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  1. As the topic title reports, my rootkit scan doesn't finish. When I right-click on KIS2010 icon, it shows that the rootkit scan is 99% complete, but it doesn't finish and it's making my PC really slow... (I even had to change the database update to manual option since when KIS updates, it also makes my PC really slow and sometimes it doesn't finish either). Does anyone know what's happening?
  2. Sorry for double posting, just to you know, richbuff, I got to KIS2010 interface, and I got some info: As you can see, I think the virus tried to attack like 32 times... It's in Portuguese, but I think u can understand everything (if not, just tell me and I can translate)... And so after that, I got to my folder, delete the file, then got to the trash can and also deleted the file from there.
  3. blahblahblah = the folder where it was. I can't remember it was like: "Detected HEUR: Trojan32.Generic on C:\Documents\Downloads\File.rar. Rejected." ^^
  4. I recently downloaded a file and it came with this malware. I talked to the person who sent me this file and he said it was normal, that was an unoffensive file that makes the program run correctly. I didn't believe in this at all. When I downloaded this, KIS2010 said: "Detected HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic blahblahblah Rejected." I don't know if "rejected" is the right word in Enlgish, since my KIS2010 is in Portuguese (the right word is "Recusado" in Portuguese)... How can I know everything is cleaned? I don't wanna take a full scan since it's toooooooooooo long... I simply deleted the file with this malware and I also deleted it from my trash can...
  5. Okay, I turned my PC on today, then Windows Security Center sent an alert saying Kaspersky is not activated against viruses. Beside this alert, there's a button 'Activate it' (or something like that, since my Windows Vista is in Portuguese). I click on it and nothing happens, WSC keeps saying it's turned off. Help, what should I do?
  6. Didn't get it, Whizard... there's a space where I need to put a .exe to verify them automatically... I go to KIS2010's folder, there are: avp.exe wmias.exe wmiav.exe wmifw.exe PS: I've got to KIS2010's folder and there's really an AVP.COM, but I can't select it because it's not .exe
  7. When I click on Tools on my MSN, there's an option, something like that: 'Verify if there's virus using:', then when I tick it, you must a program to verify it from any folder... How to put KIS2010 to verify MSN archives when I receive them from a friend?
  8. what should I do? what does it mean? I'm almost sure these are not viruses, only legit programs from HP and some games... Are they really keyloggers/viruses? Or should I relax?
  9. Yeah but it says there's a removal tool... should I use that too? or add/remove programs are enough?
  10. If so, how should I do it? only through add/remove programs? or is there a program I can download to clean everything from KIS 2009? another question, while uninstalling KIS 2009, i'll be with no protection for a short time until installing KIS 2010? Thx
  11. Agora é minha vez de perguntar. Sempre quando o KIS vai atualizar o banco de dados, ele atualiza tudo, porém os scripts maliciosos ele não atualiza desde 10/07/2009, dia que eu comprei meu KIS 2009. É normal?
  12. Acho que possa ser um e-mail falso sim, apesar de que possui @kaspersy.com, ou seja, indica o host oficial. Se for mesmo verdade, acho que você deveria contatar o suporte técnico denunciando este e-mail. Sim, uma pessoa que tem uma ortografia e gramática péssima assim não pode trabalhar na sessão de Língua Portuguesa da Kaspersky. Art. EDIT: Acabei de pesquisar mais sobre o assunto, e tenho 99% de certeza que é falso! Cheque essa página: http://www.viruslist.com/en/viruses/encycl...a?virusid=70034 Veja os nomes e sobrenomes usados com esse malware, na lista há "Christian" e "Vasquez", então sim, é muito provavelmente falso. O e-mail te enviou algum arquivo anexado? Se enviou, você o abriu?
  13. That's right, but about the firewall, people had to turn it off manually and Windows Security Center said there was no firewall detected beyond Windows Firewall... But it doesn't matter at all since we've got a XP problem here. I'll try to search more about your problem. :b_lol1:
  14. Are you using Windows Vista? If you are, that's strange because this problem also happened to lots of people some weeks ago, but it didn't have nothing to do with Kaspersky, it had to do with Microsoft. Then Microsoft provided a new Windows Vista update, and everything got fixed. If you are using Windows Vista, are you sure it's all updated? It might be the problem since it happened to tons of Kaspersky users... Art.
  15. See this on the thread richbuff told you: Reminder: Vulnerability is not a malware, I like to compare it as an inside open door in a closed house, I mean, vulnerabilities are locations where malwares can infect easier, locations that might help malwares to get to your PC because they're possibly outdated. You don't have to worry, check the threads rich sent you, you're not infected. Art.
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