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  1. Fully interested to make the tests and evals, I'm in. Thank you, Alexis
  2. Absolutely everything is in the admin guide... http://downloads.kaspersky-labs.com/docs/e...ployguideen.pdf :dash2:
  3. Could maybe be helpful to install your SQL Express by unchecking "Hide advanced options" option. So you'll be able to define your instance name and then check that the service related to this new instance is running and then locate the instance during the installation of the administration kit.
  4. Did you uncheck "Interaction with user" in your policy for workstation? If yes, this behaviour is normal : there´s no icon anymore, no sounds and no notifications.
  5. Basically, there are only some conditions to check : - The client has to be able to reach the server on TCP 13000 if the SSL is enabled - The client has to be able to reach the server on TCP 14000 if the SSL is disabled - The server has to be able to reach the client on UDP 15000 to be able to work "real time" - The DNS name, Netbios name, IP address of the server (depending on the network agent settings) must be reachable by the client I have also seen some issues related to the size of packages of the encrypted communication of the net agent through the VPN. In this case, disabling the SSL for the network agent helps to solve the issue and the agent uses the port 14000 TCP instead of 13000 TCP Cheers
  6. Try to uninstall the shitty NDIS driver from your network connections properties. I have seen a lot of issues due to this NDIS component and VPN clients especially from Cisco. If this solves your issue, there´s a FAQ on the support website telling how to modify your installation package to ignore the installation of the NDIS during the installation of KAV.
  7. It depends on the client computers, if they´re only used for the RDP connections or if they do have a Microsoft OS I think. If it´s a light Linux based client, don´t worry.
  8. Your distributor is able to replace your licence by one cumulative.
  9. Is your service running with a correct username / password`? - try to setup the domain admin account to test please? Do you still have the issue even with domain\administrator and the correct password?
  10. Strange, I have several 2k3 servers with network agent 1710 and kav for servers isntalled and don't have the issue. Is this a new installation or an upgrade from a earlier release? I mean did you have antother release of net'agent installed before 1710?
  11. To make money by their customers for example
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