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  1. Yeah. me too. Its pretty damn irritating, how do i turn it off? I am running a VPN, so that takes care of the 'secure' part ffs.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I will give them a 'chance' but it seems counter productive to revert to a previous version to 'fix' a problem that has been acknowledged but not addressed, other than to say that we will have to wait until KIS 2019 is released for the issue to fixed. It seems with all the bad publicity that Kaspersky has been getting they would be a bit more proactive in fixing known problems and keeping loyal customers happy. Rant over.
  3. Well, all the searching I have done says that Kaspersky is aware of the problem and will patch it with KIS 2019. That level of response is unacceptable for me, and as a long time customer a deal breaker. I will look elsewhere for protection.
  4. Me too, KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED Classpnp.sys. Very irritating to say the least. As I understand it, Kaspersky will not be fixing this problem until KIS 2019! I have been a loyal customer for years and now this? So, as I understand it, we must 'roll back' to KIS 2017 or switch to Bit Defender? How do I perform a roll back? TIA, Bobsen
  5. Too bad, I was hoping for a quick fix. Thanks for the quick reply! Regards, Bobsen
  6. Is it possible to cross platforms (both PC and MAC) with multiple KIS 2013 3X license? I have a license for up to 3 PC's (another question how do I check to see how many I have used, I know sounds dumb) and would like one them to be a MAC, the other two PC. Is this possible? Or if not perhaps a bit cheaper price considering I am a Kaspersky customer already? TIA, Bobsen
  7. Tried running full scan again... no luck. Still 'hangs' on that file. I did remove those programs. Any new ideas? Thanks for the quick reply.... Regards, Bobsen
  8. Sorry for the delay... work, ugh. Win 7 Pro 64 bit SP1 24 gigs ram (tested and passed) KAV Internet Security 2011 11.02.556 Macirum Reflect (only do manual back ups no automated) Link to system info: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...c31b5c5575d942d TiA, Bobsen PS I tried running a full scan today after using the newest version of CCleaner and it caused the computer to reboot, normally it would just hang on said file until I restarted the machine.
  9. Same problem here. Scan stops at 66% on the same file. Windows defender is off and no dbviewer program. Any ideas?
  10. I activated it, no problems. Thanks to all that helped..... Cheers, Bobsen
  11. Whoops, I messed up the edit during the time you replied to my posting, sorry about that. Thanks for the quick reply Richbuff. I will wait and see if I can get a definite answer from the forums first. TIA, Bobsen
  12. Yes, I am not disputing the wisdom here, but trying to get an answer for my original question. I am an American, currently in Denmark for a period of time, who purchased a 2 year renewal with my AMERICAN credit card. Can I activate my new 2 year license on my AMERICAN laptop here in DENMARK? Or do I need to contact support to get a new code? The end user agreement states in part. "2.3. If the Software was purchased via the Internet You have the right to use the Software for protection of such a number of Computers that was specified when You purchased the License to the Software." I purchased the renewal direct from Kaspersky's own web site. No where did I see anything about region blocking. If this is to be policy perhaps an IP check is in order to prevent, say, an American credit purchasing a renewal in Europe? I have renewed via the web before while in Europe without any problems. Does this mean the 3 user pack I purchased from Amazon.co.UK cannot be activated in Denmark or even the US for that matter? Its all very confusing with no clear statment either on the renewal site or the main page. Until they see fit to do so I expect them to honor the products I purchased in good faith, that's all. I have used Kaspersky product many years now and will continue to do so in the future. I am a happy, loyal customer and want to continue to be so. TIA, Bobsen
  13. Thanks! Anyone have any info on the 'region' codes said to be in effect now? I cannot seem to find any info on the site about them.... TIA, Bobsen
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