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  1. Hello, probably I am just too blind, but... How do I change the update source of KAV WKS using policies (and AK 8.0)? I could not find the setting anywhere within the policy editor. AFAIK, there are two ways of distributing updates to the clients. The first is a task created on the Admin Server and run when new Updates have been downloaded, the second is clients pulling updates in a regular interval. We'd like to use the second one for several reasons, but need to change the source first. I cannot change it on the client, it is blocked by policy, so it must be possible somehow. Thank you, Andreas
  2. Interesting... :dash1: But for this specific problem, I was able to reproduce it with local files on an NTFS drive.
  3. We are saving both locally and remote, though locally means mostly FAT32-formatted USB flash drives. Crashes occur in both cases.
  4. I am posting here our Problems with KAV 6 for Win Wks and OpenOffice 3; among with the steps we have taken together with Kaspersky Support so far. If someone has seen similar problems, please report. Since our switch from OpenOffice.org 2.4 to 3 2 weeks ago, OO randomly crashes when closing/saving a file. On some machines, this happens twice a day, on other 15 times and more. We managed to narrow this down to a combination of Windows 2000, OpenOffice and KAV by doing a fresh install of just these three components (among with all current Windows Updates) and reproducing the problem. All three parts were of course at the latest version. Even worse, deactivating (stopping) KAV does not help, only renaming klif.sys to make sure it does not load or a complete deinstallation will fix the problem. I now wonder if this is such a rare combination. I cannot imagine there is no one out there using KAV and OpenOffice, so I suspect the problematic part might be Win 2000. We also found out in the meantime that KAV for Home Users 2010 as well as KAV 8 Beta do not have the problem, apparently because they are using a completely new engine. Any reports are welcome! Andreas
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