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  1. I'm using (c) and get these annoying popups as well. Whether I click on "Continue" or "Discontinue" doesn't seem to do anything. ssl connection with invalid certificate detected... Is this a valid warning or just a bug? A Google search reveals that I'm not the only one being pestered with these popups.
  2. You can keep using No solution to the reboot bug on the User end, unfortunately. The bug will hopefully be fixed by Patch C in late April, about 5 weeks from now, according to Kaspersky. For me, I've only had to restart my Win 7 desktop once a day. I let it sleep overnight and it demands a reboot after the first update of the day, then it's good for the day. It's mildly annoying, but far more benign than some of the previous Kaspersky bugs.
  3. I'm currently using KIS v16.0.0.614d on my Win 7 desktop. Will it automatically update to the newer version at some point or do I need to download and install the software myself? I seem to remember that past updates have been delivered by the Kaspersky servers, but I may be wrong.
  4. I'm not absolutely sure, but I think the error messages ended after I logged in to My Kaspersky and completely deleted the account and all my user info.
  5. Well something I did seems to have fixed the problem, because the popups are gone. Not sure what it was but I'm glad that problem is over with. This forum, which usually has good advice, and Kaspersky Tech Support both get a lump of coal from me.
  6. Tech Support is useless. They're reading from a script and suggesting that I try things that I've already tried and told them that I've tried. Their responses suggest that they're in marketing rather than user support. Very disappointing. Since it seems that I'm on my own, I've tried the following: 1) Completely uninstalled v15.0.2.361 along with any installation info. Booted to Safe Mode and ran the KAV uninstaller. Booted back to Windows and reinstalled KAV. Error message STILL appears after each reboot or wakening from sleep. 2) Completely deleted My Kaspersky Account and all info. Error message STILL appears. I've never had this problem before in the 9 years that I've been using Kaspersky. Perhaps I should go back to v15.0.1.415.
  7. Clicking 'Details' takes me here: http://support.kaspersky.com/us/11258?cid=KAV_15.0 Following the instructions there, I find no rules for 'BranchCache Hosted Cache Client (HTTP-Out)' in my Windows Firewall. Can you tell me why Kaspersky now makes registration of their product mandatory? I seem to remember that even recently, you could opt out of registration. After paying for a security product, is it too much to ask, "I've installed your software, now can you please leave me alone?"
  8. Have you come up with a solution for this problem yet? I recently did a clean install of KAV and now I get constant nag screens that Kaspersky can't log into My Portal (who cares!). How do I turn it off? I did not want to register the product when I installed it, nor did I want to open a personal account at Kaspersky.com but there was no provision for opting out of either choice. Am I going to have to uninstall/reinstall to get rid of these annoying nags?
  9. More useful information: http://support.kaspersky.com/supported_home Found this in a Don Pelotas sticky for this forum, and although it spells out Kaspersky's support for different versions, it makes no mention of the "X-1 X+3" rule. I'm not bothered by the fact that they retire older versions rather quickly, I just want the info readily available before I purchase their software. Newer versions often run poorly on older systems, so it's important to know if a code for the "latest and greatest" will activate the version running on an older, secondary computer.
  10. I want to upgrade a KAV 2011 installation to KAV 2012. There are two available English downloads: kav12.0.0.374en_nz.exe and kav12.0.0.374en.exe. The 'nz' version is 175 MB while the other is only 70 MB. What is the difference between these two downloads? What does 'nz' stand for? Also, I plan to completely uninstall KAV 2011 before upgrading to 2012. Which download will work best for this procedure?
  11. After a search here for similar discussions, I found a response by one of the mods that mentions the rule of X-1, X+3. What this means is that an activation code is good for the current year, one year prior, and three years in future. So the 2013 3-User boxed set I purchased can be used to activate KAV 2013 and 2012. The code, if unused, could also activate later versions 2014, 2015, and 2016. Of course, I've already used it to re-activate my KAV 2013, so the code will expire in a year. I plan to install KAV 2012 on the XP machine and give it a go. I'm not looking for any kind of a refund on this and I don't want to deal with customer service. However, I think that the activation policy should have been made more public than to have to find it in an obscure comment on the Kaspersky Lab Forum. Having the policy spelled out on the software box would have been a help. Good luck, TStark, with your 2013 upgrade!
  12. TStark, I have run into the same problem. I have KAV 2013 installed on my main PC and it needed its yearly renewal code in January. I bought a 3-User, 1-Year boxed edition of KAV 2013 to update both of my machines. It worked fine on the KAV 2013 computer, but not on my other PC. That one is older, has Win XP installed, and is running KAV 2011 (v11.0.2.556 - b,c,e,f). I've tried running newer versions of KAV on it, but it slows things down considerably; e.g., a full scan takes 18 hours to complete (single partition, 130K files - less than 15 minutes to scan the same on my new PC!). For that reason, I wanted to keep KAV 2011 on that computer and renew it with the KAV 2013 3-User code. It worked fine last year when I renewed it with a KAV 2012 3-User code. Is there any way around this? I have paid for the renewal of 3 computers, but can only use it on one. Why?
  13. Over a day since installing IE9 and web pages are loading without issue. I enabled all the KAV add-ons. IE9 is speedier than IE8, but I hate that download manager that can't be turned off ("Do you want to run or save..."). Thanks to richbuff for pushing me in the right direction, and to others who offered suggestions.
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