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  1. Hi, At some point KIS 2013 magically began to work properly viz-a-viz 'Safe Money' and the virtual keyboard. I could press the browser button (Firefox 17.0.1) and the keyboard would pop up and safe money worked properly on all sites. Also, text boxes that used to show the virtual keyboard icon do not show it any longer. Today, 'Safe Money' doesn't work with ebay and the virtual keyboard no longer pops up when I push the browser button. It will work when I select it from tools on the 'right click' pop-up from the icon in the notification area (win xp) but ebay just doesn't work with 'Safe Money' anymore. What happened? It was finally all working as advertised. Any ideas or did a silent update break another silent update that corrected these deficiencies? Thx, V
  2. With this logic I'd still be using windows 3.11 and no anti-malware. The update is for security reasons just like the purpose of KIS. Funny how this problem never affects any other browser. Why is that? What makes Firefox so difficult to keep up with?
  3. I thought we were covered vis-a-vis Firefox updates for a while. I just updated to 16.0 and found that the keyboard and safe money are disabled (again). What's up with that? These are really important features (to me) and big selling points for KIS 2013.
  4. New Firefox version is out. Let me be the first to ask; when will we see the update that allows us to use the virtual keyboard again? Thanks, -V- p.s. - I love this feature and it is one of the reasons that I stick with Kaspersky products and could never understand why it gets broken with regular Firefox updates.. /Edit: Please see: http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=235191
  5. Ok. Showing 'a.b.c.d.e.f.g' now. I'll have to wait and see if it autoupdates on next release.
  6. Everything done except remove mailwasher. I like it and use it. It doesn't load anything in the background and runs only when I want and then I exit it. It doesn't leave anything after it exits. Still no joy. If I un-install and re-install I'm sure to be up to date but won't know if I auto update will work for the app, sigs are up to date.. Gonna do it anyways' cause I want my virtual keyboard back. Thanks, V
  7. Here is what you asked for. Log: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...e42551c0a6a24cb ...and file attached. Thanks, V UPDRep.zip
  8. I just ran a manual update, rebooted and the program is still reporting (a.b.c.d) How can I force an update of the program (as opposed to definitions)? Thanks V
  9. HI, As someone looking for the latest version of KIS 2012 how can I tell if I have it or not? Currently I'm using v12.0.0.374 (a.b.c.d.). When I go to the update part of the site all I can find out about the latest update is that it v12.0.0.374 with no mention of (a.b.c.d....etc.). Thanks, V
  10. Thanks, that did the trick, even though Anti-spam was off. I had to engage it to uncheck the plugins. Kinda counter intuitive since the service was off. -V-
  11. Hi, I do not use the anti-spam part of KIS 2012 (spam filtering is disabled). How do I remove the toolbar that has been inserted into the program? Thanks, -V-
  12. No major problems here. Installed on top of 2009 without a problem on two PCs. I am finding a couple of things I don't like especially those two buttons that appear in Firefox (virtual key board and link checker). They can be removed in IE8 but not Firefox. On the whole I find KIS doesn't work as well with Firefox as it does with IE8. KIS 2010 does seem somewhat better though. I also have a problem with the display of my router (WRT54GS v5) setup pages. They do not return to the 'Click here to continue' page. Have posted in this forum hoping for an answer. This was not a problem with KIS 2009.
  13. Hi, Since upgrading to KIS 2010 I've noticed that I cannot access my routers setup pages correctly. This did not happen with KIS 2009. I'm using a Linksys WRT54GS v.5. When I 'pause protection' everything works properly. Any ideas? Thx, Volpo
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