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  1. I've got the same issue...raised a ticket with support and uploaded GSI report.....They told me to install .NET4.5 and un-install physicx (nVidia GFX)....Done all .Net4.5 updates, but argued that have been using same PC for 5 years with KIS, Pure, etc and never had issue. In theory I will have a webex session this coming Monday..... Pretty disappointed with KL, as few weeks ago had corrupt DB....and followed DonPelotas advise to un-install and re-install Pure.....I believe I will have to do this again....
  2. Hi Don, GSI attached......Would prefer not to carry out the the above, as it seems that once something goes wrong I would have to uninstall-reboot-install-reboot-etc GSI report
  3. Hi all, Have no used my PC for a week. Today booted it up and Pure 3 was updating signatures. Now I get Databases are corrupt and keep telling me to reboot system. Pure 3 I have followed KB9413, collected all traces, logs and GSI and logged a call with Kaspersky. Just concerned that it might take sometime to get a response from them... WHat other routes would you guys recommend me to try??? Thanks, rb51
  4. Windows 7 x64 fully patched Pure 3 ( not sure whether this has been reported before, but upon using "Safe Money" Kaspersky sandbox if I try to launch snipping tool it fails (see screenshot). once I close the sandbox environment than snipping tools work normally. is this a normal/design behaviour??? thanks,
  5. Tech support advised me to remove Pure using removal tool in safe mode, then re-install and re-activate. I agree and always do a clean install, but this time I decided to do a in-place upgrade as per the sticky. What surprises me is that in the support pages KB7872 explains how to upgrade the software. It is not a big deal for me, as I have already sorted out these 2 machines and will do a clean install on the the 3rd laptop. My question is: Why don't they advice to do a clean install and say that in-place upgrade isn't supported? This would save them calls logged with Tech support team and give a better impressions to customers. Having said that I am still happy with the product.
  6. Fair enough, but following this thread - Upgrading to version PURE 2.0 from any previous version, Information - it tells you to run the in-place upgrade rather than clean install. I believe the sticky should clear advise Clean install rather than in-place upgrade.
  7. It seems that this has not been reported yet (I have just logged a support ticket with Kaspersky Support) and uploaded getsysteminfo log. I have upgrade my Pure R2 (2 machines) to Pure 2.0 following these instructions: http://support.kaspersky.com/pure_2/buy?qid=208285869 However after rebooting and updating the signature files I get a "License violation" message. I have tried to re-activate the software using my product key (3 PC license), but it asks me to re-install software. It looks as if after a "second install" the software is behaving. Please add your experience. cheers, rb51
  8. thanks rudger, Yes will 1st uninstall KIS2011. Just want to starting using Pure now rather than wait another 21 days. Because my DVD copy has not arrived yet I was not sure whether I could install a trial then use my license. I thought I would have to uninstall Pure-trial then re-install Pure and use license code. Thanks for reply. How can I beta test KIS 2012 (as per your SIG) on my test laptop???? EDIT: just found the answer here: Beta testing
  9. Hi all, I still have 21 days left on my KIS 2011 but want to start testing Pure. I am still waiting for my copy of Pure to arrive in the post. Is it okay to install and activate a trial version of Pure 2 and once my DVD copy comes to install the licence code?
  10. In anticipation to my migration from KIS 2011 to Pure R2 I would like to know which is the best/recommended way of removing KIS 2011: 1) Uninstall method 1 2) Uninstall using kavremover Many thanks
  11. Can you export settings from your current KIS 2011 config and import on Pure R2 after installation or do I need to re-configure everything from scratch? I believe Pure is based on 2010 code therefore unsure whether this is posibble.
  12. Hi all, I have been using KIS for few years now and very happy. Decided to migrate to Pure and bought a 3-user/1 year licence. I have just realised that I bought Pure v1 rather than v2 From this KL article: Product Upgrade I assume I can download Pure v2 and install it directly rather than install v1 than upgrade to v2. Is this correct? I still have few weeks left on my KIS2011 so not in a hurry really. Help is appreciated EDIT: Found, what I believe, is the answer few threads below
  13. Renewal is coming up at £68.99/3-user/2-years - still 27 days to go ----> way too expensive Pure licence is from a reputable e-tailer, so no need to worry. How do both KIS and Pure compare in terms of resource utilisation, etc? I may have to dump KIS and go the Pure route.
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