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  1. the link is not for individual computers.. please read the instruction. anyhow its for the adminkit version 5.. How to remove RAdmin files from the AV scan remotely? Radmin, VNC and ULtraVNC are simillar like remote control application You can find this setting under the policy for windows workstation version 5. to check the verdict of ULtraVNC you can it on viruslist. regards, bill
  2. Hi, what are those warning/verdict?? anyway just add UTRALVNC to trusted zone.. HOW?? click on the link it will help you.. http://www.kaspersky.com/support/ak_mp3/ma...e?qid=193239323
  3. zone alarm uses the engine of Kaspersky but im not sure which version of kav engine zone alarm uses (version 5, 6, or 7????).. anyway you can click the link for some info. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/labs/120448/kaspers...ntivirus-7.html regards, bill
  4. Hi, Sjoeii is right Kaspersky AV personal dont have protection like anti-hacker - (firewall and IDS), anti-spy - (anti-phising, pop-up blocker, anti- dialer and anti-banner), and anti-spam.. KAV only have AV features/components only namely file av, web av, mail av and proactive defense.. KAV and KIS are personal products and standalone Kaspersky business space (kaspersky for workstation, file server etc) also it has administration kit or something you called a management system.. regards, bill
  5. this might help, please click on the link http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279320
  6. Hi, My Kaspersky Anti-spam (2003 windoes tandard edition po)is not working (Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6..2.678 for windows workstation). status: anti-spam --- running sensitivity --- recommended traffic scan --- ready to deployment email clients- plug ins --- running already mark some messages as spam and also added this address (email add blah2@yahoo.com) to the blacklist, but the sender that i mark as spam still goes to the inbox.. any ideas??!! thanks guys and more power regards, bill
  7. thanks guys, anyway im not japanese im Filipino.. someday i would like to go to the beautiful country of japan.. again thanks for the info guys.. well i have japanese clients who wants AV in japanese mode. i mean they want japanese GUI mode (language) of kaspersky version 6, they prefer japanese language rather than english and i respect that and also i need to meet their requirements.. i also checked the website given by defekt and it was japanese and im very very confused.. must talk to the japanese guy micha.. hmmm how can i contact Micha by the way?? regards, bill
  8. Hi, What are the supported language of Kaspersky Antivirus?? does it support japan language? thanks, regards, bill
  9. Hi Cardinal, thanks for the fast reply. it seems that other are experiencing problems updating to adminkit... anyway updating to the internet seems to be working fine with no problem why is it that my server (that include slave server) have problems on updating to adminkit? now all my workstation (no internet connection) are now working fine they are updating through adminkit (update completed succesfully), but my file server and slave server are having problems (servers also dont have internet connection).. error on slave servers: Administration Server Could not Retrieve Updates error on file servers: connection failed, physical error i only have: 1 slave server: windows 2000 sp4 meets all system requirements 1 file server: windows 2003 r2 sp1 also meets all system requirements i hope to hear from all of you guys.. any ideas or explanation are welcome. thanks and more power. regards, bill
  10. I'm also having the same problems like you.. attached are screen shot.. workstation(1) and file server(2) note: not all workstation are having those problems just 2 out of 50 workstation have problems. one file server also have problems. *all computers meets system requirements and the file server has just been reformat.
  11. hi guys, this message was sent to me.. From: partner-si@kaspersky.com [mailto:partner-si@kaspersky.com] Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 4:07 PM To: kl-partner-info-eng@list.kaspersky.com Subject: [iNFO] Update problem Hello, Yesterday (25th of June) we released autopatch "b" fixing KLV07-07 vulnerability as well as the issues described http://www.matousec.com/info/advisories/Ka...T-functions.php . After the release of autopatch "b", users with Windows 2000 seem to have a problem with their PCs - Windows reboots continiously. Developers are testing the autopatch, if they can not find a solution during next 30 minutes, they will roll-back the update. Workaround solution for the customers with problem: Boot in Safe Mode, Open up Device Manager -> View -> Show hidden devices -> Non Plug and Play drivers -> Klif. Double click and on tab Driver -> under Start up select option Demand. After restart problem should be gone. If not - then disable "klif" until we resolve the issue. After the issue is resolved - users can update av bases and download new autopatch. We will inform you about the state of the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Anna Goryacheva Partner Support Manager Partners and Local Offices Support Center Kaspersky Labs www.kaspersky.com www.viruslist.com
  12. Hi, well your problem is in the remote installation package properties (the task to be installed) attached are screen shot of your problem (1st picture).. also attached is the solution to your problem. (2nd picture). hope this help.. regards, bill
  13. thanks a lot Lucian... problem solved..
  14. Hi Guys, Good Day..!! i also have problems like that kav version 6 cant be install because there are other 3rd party AV (Sophos and Trend Micro) well its kinda hard finding traces of other AV.. tried using deinstallation task using admin kit. stop the services, uninstall in the add remove programs, delete it in registry.. but still cant install version 6, so what i did is install version 5.. anyway not all workstation have those problem maybe around 20 percent.. thanks. bill
  15. Problems with installation of Kaspersky anti-virus for Windows Workstation version 6.0: *** Remote installation (push) and Local installation (pull). Concerning OS: Windows 98, Home, XP, 2000, 2003, and Vista After the installation of the Adminkit and configure some settings and though I have already configure and set the properties of the installation package for the application KAV 6.0 for Windows Workstation and select the “prompt user for action” – and action that will be performed if the application installation requires the operating system to restart, problem is, it still does not prompt the user (well not all of them but most of them) this prompt is important because it tells you if the application has been successfully installed, it is also important to restart the system in order to complete the installation as I said before not all workstation have this problem (is it a bug or am I missing something), so for workstation with problems on the “prompt thing” I usually checked the programs to see if KAV is installed or not and when I click or activate KAV for workstation in the program files for the first time a notification on the system tray tells you that all components are disable and you have to restart the computer (obviously this happens when you delay or have not restart your computer). After the reboot KAV will function properly.
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