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  1. Another week; no fix, no update on progress? It is not professional to let us sit in the dark on this. I can understand the fix taking time but not to let us know how it is going?? KDM
  2. " Though I will push this bug into developer's consideration as soon as possible." I don't know how hard fixing these bugs is but I'd have to think a week is long enough to at least have the problem being worked on or looked into, no? KDM
  3. Finally got it! On IE added other search engine (Google) swapped the order and then the remove button was active and worked. So far have not seen My Search Dial anywhere and have done several scans which came back clear. By the way did not download "junk" at any time. I think the My Search Dial was with an upgrade of WinZip. Anyone else notice that origin? Duke
  4. Well it's gone from Chrome but still show in IE. It won't allow me to remove it or change it at all. Says it is disabled but all ways to modify it are grayed out. Now what? edit: del broken quote.
  5. Read again the suggestions here, tried again, found all kinds of search engines, x'ed them out and got a clean scan from Malware Bytes. Hope it stays gone.
  6. Hello: I've tried over and over to get rid of the last bits of this "My Search Dial" but bit of it still show up here and there. My last efforts found it (actually Malware Bytes found it) in Google Chrome preferences. I thought it was gone but no. PURE does not seem to see/find it. Any ideas? Should I worry? Thanks, Duke Masters
  7. I didn't save the note but I think it said limited from tomorrow. I'll wait for the next notice and post it.
  8. What kind of app do you mean? The whole PC is not yet a year old, no dust visible other then the front supply fan screen which I clean regularly.
  9. Hello: I have as of today 14 days left on my 3 year Pure subscription. I started getting notices to renew a few days back. This morning I get a notice that my Kaspersky program will have limited functionality till I renew. I don't know about the rest of you but this makes me quite angry. I paid for three years and don't remember agreeing to the last 2 weeks of limited use. Any comments? Kenneth Duke Masters
  10. My CPU hit 74C while I was running my Kaspersky Pure scan. OEM CPU fan, in properly (all fan pins are visible under the mobo) with silver something compound. Large case, lots of fans/airflow, normal room temp. Is this common? PC build below. Thanks, KDM C.M. HAF-XB & case top fan, ASUS Z87 Deluxe, i7 4770k, 16G Corsair Veng, Intel 120G 550, W.D. Black 2T, GEForce GTX780, Sesonic X850, LG 27EA83 Monitor, LG WH14NS40 B.D., Windows 7 Pro
  11. Thanks, but I'm confused; what is the difference between a subscription and anything else? So if I go to the website at 32 days to go on my current licence and purchase 3 more years is that a subscription or something else? I don't want to lose any significant number of days but as I said I don't like to wait to the last minute. KDM
  12. Shows 34 days today so I'll wait. Seems to me that it would not be too hard for a company like Kaspersky to automate the process so I could renew when ever and the new one would start when the old ended, no? KDM
  13. Hello: If I purchase my new subscription early ( I hate to wait to the last minute for most anything) will it sit and wait for the current subscription to expire? If I remember correctly I've lost some paid for time by buying early. Thanks, KDM
  14. So, is there anything more to know? Will "D" patch install as any other patch other then a reboot? Thoroughly tested, I hope? Any formal explanation/apology forthcoming? How about an subscription extension for our suffering? KDM edit: added quote of the very important content.
  15. OK, it's next week, Tuesday lunch time in California: Time for another tidbit of news. Thanks, KDM
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