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  1. I restarted my computer, and that did the trick. I really wish I hadn't upgraded from PURE 3.0. KTS caused a whole lot of problems for me, and it took well over 20 hours to get things working half-way acceptable. I don't plan on upgrading for a while.
  2. Thank you. I really don't want to update. The last time I updated from PURE 3.0 to KTS, I didn't gain anything and lost all of my password accounts. Same thing with FF -- there's always something that doesn't work when I update. Isn't there any other option?
  3. When I upgraded to Firefox 43.0, Kaspersky was disabled. I did the workaround to set the signature option to "false," and that worked fine for a while. This morning Kaspersky password manager, website blocker, safe money and virtual keyboard have been disabled again. I'm using Kaspersky Total Security and Windows 7. Would someone please help me, so that I can use Kaspersky with FF again?
  4. Please help. I have FF 43.0.1 and already had xpinstall.signatures.required set to "false." It worked okay for a couple of months, but today Kaspersky's not working at all in FF -- no password manager, website blocking or safe money. I can't access my bank account, because I have it going through safe money.
  5. Okay, I finally got KTS to install correctly and seems to be working okay. The problem now is KPM. I have 8.0 installed. When I click on Password Manager from within KTS, however, it doesn't start. It also does not run when I try to start it from the Windows programs. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. After almost two weeks, I finally got KTS sorted out (still working on Password Manager, however). For anyone else looking for solutions, make sure if you uninstall prior versions of Kaspersky that you manually delete any folders left over. The other thing that was apparently causing the CPU problem was a small software package called Codec, which is used for Media Player. After I unstalled that and reinstalled KTS 2015, my CPU settled down.
  7. Has anyone had success using KTS with Kaspersky Password Manager? I use my computer for 95% of my work, and since KTS was using 90% - 100% of my CPU, I had to uninstall it. I found out during the uninstall that I actually had KTS 15.0.2 rather than 2014. If possible, I would like to use KTS with KPM. Here are my revised questions: 1. What do I need to do so that avp.exe does not take up my so much of my CPU? 2. How do I import the password database that I used with PURE 3.0 into KTS 2014 or 15.0? I have turned on Windows Defender. Please help. I'm about ready to throw my computer out the window. I've been trying to fix this for almost 10 days now and didn't have problems like this until I tried to upgrade from PURE 3.0 to KTS.
  8. I hope someone can help me. I started out wanting to get rid of ads and was told to upgrade to KTS. I was finally able to do so (I think part of my problem before was that there were two KIS folders that were not removed when I did the uninstall -- I did use the uninstall procedure recommended by tech support). I was able to install KPM 8.0 as well. I'm not able to import the database, but I'll tackle that problem later. My immediate need is to fix the CPU issue. The only way I can do anything half-way productive is to restart my computer. Then it's good for about five minutes. I'm on Windows 7.0 Home. I've already checked to make sure that "concede resources" is checked. "Perform idle scan" is unchecked as well as the gaming profile, which I do not need. I do not have any other security software on my machine except Windows Defender, which I verified is turned off. Suggestions would be truly appreciated.
  9. Technical support is not going to work. Their response is to disable password manager. I have over 100 accounts in there. I cannot do that. I don't understand why it worked before and not now. I did not change anything in Firefox. Can't someone help me with this?
  10. Tech support seems to be way behind. It takes them 24 - 48 hours now to respond. They told me to download the 8.0 (they gave me a direct link) and uninstall 7.0 via the control panel. The download was fine. However, PM does not show up in the control panel. The only Kaspersky product that shows up is PURE 3.0. I don't understand why I'm having so many problems with this. It worked fine before I tried to upgrade to KTS, and I haven't done any Windows or other updates like that since this started.
  11. The installed at the same time I installed Pure 3.0. How do I get 8.0?
  12. I hope someone can help me. I started out last week trying to eliminate ads and was advised to upgrade from Pure 3.0 to KTS. After I did that, PM would not work at all. I went back to my restore point, which did not work properly. (Pure wasn't working at all then.) So then I had to uninstall and reinstall. I now have Pure 3.0 again, but now I'm getting messages that PM is not compatible with Firefox. It worked before I started all of this, so I don't understand why it's not working now. I upgraded to FF 37.0.2, and it's still not compatible. Then I upgraded to 38.0.6, still with no luck. How do I get PM to work with FF again? I'm using Windows 7 (64). My gut tells me I should go back to FF 36, because I always have issues with new releases of FF. Please help. (Tech support is taking > 48 hours to respond now.)
  13. Maybe I should start a new discussion? I now have Pure 3.0 installed, but password manager isn't working. When I look at my add-ons, it says PM is not compatible with FF 36.0.1. It worked fine before all of this started. Any suggestions?
  14. I cannot believe the incredible mess this has created. I finally received instructions from tech support. They told me to download KTS, uninstall Pure 3.0 and then install KTS. The uninstall came up with one exception, but it finished. Then when I ran KTS, it had an error that said my operating system doesn't comply with requirements. Well, it does. So then I tried the uninstall again, rebooted and tried the install. The same error came up. Now I'm trying to reinstall Pure 3.0. I may end up back at the very place I started, only with five or six hours of time lost.
  15. Thank you, Rich. Pure 3.0 is installed. I'll try it later tonight. I'm sure it will take a couple of hours to update after re-installation. It's extremely disappointing to find out that the restore does not work. It says that it takes the computer back to a state prior to the restore point. It's also very frustrating that tech support still hasn't gotten back to me. It's now going on over 31 hours.
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