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  1. I am having exactly the same problem after upgrading to KIS 2014 yesterday. Previously I have had 2010-2013 with no problems. I removed 2013 using the Kaspersky uninstaller and installed 2014. The programme appears to load but the GUI does not. The gadget stays like it shows in your picture and there is no K symbol in the system tray. I have fully uninstalled and installed again but it is still the same. I have no other security programmes that would interfere. If I click the Kaspersky icon on the desktop it starts the application with no problems. Come on Kaspersky this is definitely a bug so let's get it sorted out and quickly.
  2. Having received a spam email with a suspicious .zip file attached, I ran a KIS scan on it only to be told that there were no malicious items detected. I then carefully extracted the contents of the zip file which turned out to be a highly suspect .pdf.exe file at which point KIS kicked in and flagged it as, uds: dangerousobject.multi.generic. So my question is this, if KIS is supposed to be able to scan within ZIP archives, why did it not spot the file in its zipped up form?
  3. The problem seems to be solved now. With the box still showing I clicked "My Kaspersky Account" in the programme interface and registered on line. I then clicked the register option in the box and it came up with an error saying it could not complete my request (probably because I was already registered). The box then disappeared and has not returend since. Kaspersky reports everything is fine and I have a full 12 months licence. I think Kaspersky will have to look into this as there does seem to be an issue here. Registration should not be compulsory in order to remove the nag screen and a registration notice saying you have 30 days free trial when your licence is for a full 12 months is very confusing.
  4. Thanks richbuff The date and time on my machine are correct. The screenshot of the reg notice is attached.
  5. I installed a new key code for KIS 2013 a couple of weeks ago when there was still time to run on the old one. KIS said that the new code would run automatically form the 25th (today). When I turned the PC on this morning there was a registration invite from KIS stating that my computer is protected for 30 days but when I look in the KIS control panel it states clearly that the new licence is in force and that I am covered for 365 days. Why am I getting the 30 day message and should I be concerned about it?
  6. Personally I would never advocate using multiple AV, AM, programmes on the same system. No matter what the claims of the manufacturer, you would almost certainly experience some kind of performance hit by running them together. Also it would be quite unnecessary as KIS offers excellent protection on its own. Having said that Hitman pro looks as if it can be used as a second opinion without the need for installation. Something along the lines of Malwarebytes anti-malware which can be used for the same purpose. Perfoming a scan for the purpose of checking that all is well is not a problem it is the TSR type of AV programme that might cause conflicts.
  7. Glad to hear all is well Richchad. I only installed KIS 2013 yeaterday and had the problem of the Virtual Keyboard browser button not working in any browser. I was about to do a reinstall but noticed that the keyboard shortcut was unticked in the KIS settings. Ticking the box got the buttons working immediately and saved me some time.
  8. To re-enable the virtual keyboard extension in Chrome click the rightmost button on the top bar, the one that looks like three horizontal lines. Then click Settings and in the settings window look in the colums on the left where you will see a link to Extensions. Click that and you have the option to enable or disable the Kaspersky extensions. If the keyboard is not appearing when you click the icon in your browser windows, ensure that you have the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P enabled in Kasperky's Secure Data Entry settings.
  9. Hi TStark. If you are that concerned about KIS 2013, why not put it off for a while by installing KIS 2012 instead. Zero problems on my Win7 64bit machine and you can pick it up very cheaply still at places like Amazon. I usually like to stay a year behind the latest version for the same reasons you mention about "the latest, greatest untried product".
  10. OK so nobody has any answers? I guess I'd better tell you for future reference as I have now solved the problem. It appears that the virtual keyboard buttons in the browser windows only work if you have the Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P shortcut enabled in the Secure Data Input Settings. Now wouldn't it be nice if that appeared somewhere in Kaspersky's help system? Alright it probably does but I couldn't find it!
  11. I have just upgraded from KIS 2012 to 2013 and all is well except that in IE9 and Firefox when I click on the Virtual Keyboard button in the browser the keyboard doed not appear. It does appear if I call it from the sidebar app and if I use the shortcut keys but not when I press the button in the browser or the shorcut buttons which appear on some secure forms. Can anyone advise me please. How do I get it working properly? It worked fine in KIS 2012.
  12. The problem is that KIS 2009 is not able to update. It continually reports that the database is either out of date or corrupted and shows the red bar warning. The Update log shows that it is unable to find the file or folder http:\\dnl-01.geo.kaspersky.com/bases/vins/vins-0607g.xml. Also that there is an error updating VLNS and KDB1386. The programme also periodically states that it is unable to start certain of its vital services. Everything was running fine until a few days ago. I have used the Kaspersky Removal Tool to completely uninstall and then reinstall the latest version of the programme twice but this makes no difference. I have also run the Kaspersky on-line scanner with nothing significant showing up. The Kaspersky system diagnostic tool also draws a blank. Any ideas?
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