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  1. yes i did, because you can only download it via invite. ok i will do that. thank you. i think it's detecting that behavior because of the way it integrates with facebook and twitter.
  2. Hey guys. I recently downloaded the Rockmelt social media web browser and as I was installing, Kaspersky notified me that it was behaving like a trojan.generic so I immediately stopped the installation process. Could this be a false positive? I've been searching the web for details regarding the browser being a trojan but I'm not getting any results. oh for the curious here's the browser, it's recently in private release:
  3. i'm also getting the same problem... i rolled back my update and everything seems ok... is it an update issue? ...and when should we expect a fix for it? thanks.
  4. ...i am currently getting notification about mwconfig.xml being password protected (see attached image) ...but it's not being shown in the vulnerabilities or malware detections. what could this be? and should I be worried?
  5. Hi. I just finished doing a full scan and a vulnerability was detected. I believe it's in the MPS.dll in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ...but upon reading the full description, I found out that it was a vulnerablity in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and CS4... and not on Adobe Photoshop 7.0 http://www.viruslist.com/en/advisories/37563 But I don't even think I have Adobe Illustrator installed. Could it be the same .dll file? Should I be worried? I was thinking if I should apply the patch on photoshop or not... I'm worred that it would mess up my Photoshop since I believe the update is made for Illustrator. Any advice would be great. Thank you.
  6. thanks for this post. I'll probably do just that as well... I also tried out 2010, although mine's KAV. but it causes my laptop to boot up real slow... it was bearable... until last night when it froze and boot up to a black screen... had to remove the battery to re-boot it... something i really don't like doing. so i reverted to 2009 and it works perfectly. ...follow up question to Pastor Gary's post. If we renew our KAV 2009 license... do we still receive updates?
  7. I also did an update of flash using the uninstaller and then installing the latest update. everything is fine now. thanks guys.
  8. ok now I'm confused. so if my activation code is comprised of numbers and letters but are of this format (xxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxx) I could keep it? but if it's in the format that you mentioned (xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) i should also un-tick the box and do a full uninstall? did i get it right?
  9. I got the same problem this morning... went ahead and installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010... figured that since i still have 50 days left with my current license, might as well test drive the new KAV. ...it got rid of the problem. but now i miss KAV 2009... I don't know if it's my laptop... but now the thing boots sooooo slow... and doing a full scan takes around an hour... even after doing the initial scan. anyways... ima test this some more... but yeah upgrading to the new version seems to take care of the "updates corrupted" issue. ...a quick question though ...when I upgraded to the latest version. I first uninstalled KAV 2009... I made sure to keep the current activation code... but I also left the "leave settings---something" ticked (I'm assuming it keeps my current anti-virus settings)... will this affect my current version negatively? could this be the reason why my laptop boots up sluggishly? ....should I do another installation only this time leaving only the "keep activation code" ticked?
  10. i'm having the same problem (same vulnerability)... usually when a vulnerability is detected, you simply go to the report... click on detail... and you get directed to the page with the details and with the solution... but when you click on the vulnerability that garee mentioned... you only get this (see attached) ...so basically you're stuck with no solution to work with. you get directed to a blank page.
  11. thank you... i'll try your suggestion when i get home and i'll updage you guys. question: if i'm covered by the license til early next year... does this mean i could download kaspersky 2010 and still use the full version? i'd like to try it out.
  12. hi guys... our Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 is having some problems... the virus database won't update... and sometimes it states that the databases are corrupted. We've tried a number of times to fix the problem... we even installed the critical fix... but everytime we get the same thing. sometimes the Kaspersky antivirus turns itself off. what could be wrong and how do we go about fixing it? here are some screencaps:
  13. i still can't get rid of the vulnerability... is it wise if i exclude it for now (until maybe a new update needs to be made)? it's quite annoying to be getting the same report but really can't do anything about it. :T i've tried everything... funny thing is, when i use secunia to do a thorough scan, it doesn't detect anything.
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