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  1. I have Kaspersky anti-banned disabled. I use Ad-blocker Plus extension. Kaspersky anti-banner was ineffective with me in 2016. How is it now compared to before? I am thinking to enable it again and remove the ad-blocker plus. Edit: Yes after few tests, Kaspersky anti-banner seems to be still ineffective. I have enabled KS anti-banner and disabled Ad-blocker plus. Here is how the banners show on the page: With ad-blocker plus, this banner does not show up at all.
  2. I second this. Today, I couldn't use it for some reason. It shows: Secure connection is not available. The problem is not from my PC or connection, as everything else works in full speed, except kaspersky secured connection. Note: I already paid for a 1 year subscription several months ago, and it was working during past time.
  3. So they fixed their problem finally, i though it was from kaspersky but life is strange because i have this problem since over 1 year and when i tried to disable kaspersky the problem is gone but it seems they fixed their problem at that time..
  4. Hello, I have this problem since 1 year with Mozilla Firefox latest version Today i knew what was causing it, fter i disabled Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, the error is gone! So i started to disable its functions one by one to know whats exactly is causing it, apparently "Network Attack Blocker" function is causing it, I need to know if there's any other way to solve it though kaspersky other than disable that function because i feel its important to keep it enabled! please help
  5. Thanks a lot, Disabling system watcher fixed the problem, the 1st solution didn't work for me, i have no idea if system watcher important or not, but i wonder if i can fix the problem while system watcher remain enabled, Thanks again.
  6. Since 5 days, when i startup my pc, and when i try to right-click or open anything in desktop, My pc freezes for 60 seconds, then everything go normally, i tried to disable KIS and the problem disappeared, so i uninstalled kis using kav remover tool, then installed it again, the problem is back now, i think there's something wrong with updates in the last 5 days Win7 64bit - Kapsersky Internet Security 2013 PC components: Intel i7 3.4 extreme SSD drive 6GB RAM I need help ...
  7. Hello, I did a clean install for KIS 2013 after i deleted 2012, here is somethings that bothering me: - After i startup my OS, KIS 2013 starts after 1 min, while 2012 was faster as it started after 3 seconds, I'm using SSD drive. - a notification pops up really late: "Protection is enabeled", it pops up after i open my browser "Firefox", I also checked "Disable this notification" and it still pops up after i restart my PC. Please help
  8. Hi, I'm using Firefox 10.0.2, When i have Kaspersky URL Advisor enabled, my screen blinking on youtube front page while i'm scrolling down, When i disabled it it seems there's no blinking.. I have Windows 7 64-bit.
  9. Hi, I've installed Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 latest version on Mac OS X Snow Leopard latest version, Then i uninstalled it from the uninstaller file, but now i see "Virus Scan" option in context menu when i right click any file, even after i uninstalled the product, How i can remove the option ? Please help
  10. Hi, I have an application that i want to remove from Trusted applications in Firewall settings but i can't why ? I can click Add only, but the others not! please someone explain to me how i can delete/edit? Thanks.
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