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  1. Hey. Unfortunately there is now way to guarantee that you will be getting same IP address each connection. This is not the goal of generic VPN service. In your case it might be better to get a special service from you ISP ("static IP" or similar) and use oVPN via your home router.
  2. Also, Would you please copy-paste here resulting URL from the browser from the screenshot? Is this one correct? http://store.kaspersky.com/store?action=buy&currency=USD&Locale=en_IE&SiteID=kasper&productID=5071264500
  3. Would you please have a look again? it is claimed to have been fixed already.
  4. Hi Ranetian. Basically there is no correlation between license for KTS (Total Security) and KSeC (Secure Connection). Once you decide to purchase a license for KSeC you will be able to enable premium mode on up to 5 devices your choose yourself. You do this by attaching necessary devices with KSeC installed to your MyKaspersky account where the license purchased resides. So don't worry - you will have full control of all your devices that occupy premium slots from KSeC license.
  5. This issue should have been fixed yesterday. Would you please check again?
  6. Проблема должна была быть исправлена вчера. Проверьте, пожалуйста, ещё раз.
  7. Hi. It actually depends on the configuration of some mail servers + ISPs. So sometimes there might be an issue with outgoing emails, in most cases when mail provider \ iSP blocks sending from IP addresses being used by too many users (which is usually the case for VPN nodes). Changing virtual location might help in some cases. Kaspersky has a support article for that, BTW: https://support.kaspersky.com/13528
  8. I had another look at IP you're getting assigned. Looks like this might be a matter of the service (iplocation.net) you're using to check geo-IP). If you scroll down that page you will see that other sites say that this IP is DE. There isn't actually one single DB where all IP ranges are bound to regions, so such cases might happen some time.
  9. Hi. It seems there was an issue with IP assignments indeed, but now it is working fine for me. Please have a look again.
  10. MyKaspersky - это портал для домашних пользователей. Более того, Secure Connection только для домашнего использования и распространяется. Мой совет корректен для вашего случая.
  11. Добрый день. Да, можно, на любую комбинацию из 5 устройств. Купленную лицензию нужно в аккаунт на MyKaspersky, после этого остальные устройства нужно подключить к этому же аккаунту и лицензия прилетит на них автоматом.
  12. Here is the link to Secure Connection for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/kaspersky-secure-connection/id1278886362
  13. Добрый день. В самом низу раздела "лицензии" есть поле "ввести код активации" - надо прокрутить до конца страницу. См. скриншот в аттаче (сорри, но на английском).
  14. Hello Arios. Would you please clarify your use-case for Swiss virtual location and why other options won't work for you?
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