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  1. Did my home work before trying KAV Free on my XP SP1 netbook, but when it came to undisclosed factuals in the knowledge database, nor locatable within the forum, are the following: How doesn't KAV Free work on an XP, i.e; where knowledge database merely imparted to me that "some aspects of the antivirus protection may be limited for XP Systems" and for 'users of (free or otherwise) Malwarebites AntiMalware'. But what tipped the scales for me, was the fact that KAV Support's response to asking about the fairly mysteriously described and/or ill disclosed aspects of KAV Free's "Secure Connection" ('add-on' or 'accompaniment'), i.e.; Support's reply to my asking if the latter was even suitable for Users on Public WiFi, they-he-she merely quipped back saying "Try it" (saying so even despite my having explained the reason I'd asked, i.e.; I don't need either the headaches in both losing my Wi-Fi connections for days on end and/or trying to get it working again ('if Secure Connection is indeed unusable for Public Wi-Fi servers'). And in as much as I don't recall ever knowingly having enabled 'Secure Connection', the critter's icon sat in my systems tray glowing red, presumably/expectedly 'not turned on', And yet when I later right-clicked it (because apparently for no reason I can imagine, my IE8's browser lost nearly all of it's https and FTP connections and that's why I right-clicked the Secure Connections icon, only to try and see if turning it on might restore IE8's lost connections), but instead I found it'd seemingly been on all the time! And when I turned it off, I still found I'd lost all those connections, except I eventually manged to get KAV Free updated AV definitions working again, but only after several hours and days of trying to do even that!). As such, KAV Free and/or Secure Connection seems to have caused my IE8's browser's 'permanent' losses of most all of it's https and FTP connections, so thanks a lot KAV Support and KAV Knowledge Database! Otherwise better/best regards and happier-e-trails to all, wguru
  2. Hello, Apolgies for if missing this in the Knowledge Database or anywhere else, but in that I'm relegated to using a public WiFi for my laptop's and having just installed K's free version of AV, the install process resulted in asking if I wanted to turn on the Secure Connections feature. I'm worried that if even trying it, that it'll take me hours or days to get WiFi working again, presumably when/if 'Secure Connection' might well result in loss of my WiFi access. Details regarding my (originally Vista, now W7P) HP laptop's OEM supported WiFi and my (XP) Acer Netbook's OEM WiFi adapters are as follows... Acer: Atheros AR5007EG Wireless Network Adapter Auto IP Address: / 20 Gateway: Dhcp Server: Physical Address: 00:23:4E:10:69:C5 HP: Intel(R) WiFi Link 5100 AGN Gateway: Dhcp Server: none responded Physical Address: 00:16:EA:81:08:80 Connection Speed: 54 Mbps Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Networking Dns Servers: & Please advise me and/or moderator if anything above is a security risk or violates terms of service. Advance thanks and kudos for any helpfully constructive replies. Best regards to all and to all, happ-e-trails, wguru
  3. Hello, After checking the Kaspersky Knowledge Database and K's Free version's limitations, I noticed that "some" aspects of the antivirus protection may be limited for, amongst other things, likely XP systems and for Users of free MBAM (Malwarebites AntiMalware). In that I didn't find any mentions of using K's free version on my XP pc, I'm in the dark as to if the free version even works at all on a Windows XP OS, so if anyone privy to that info and/or if they/we know what K's free version's 'some limitations' actually result in (for those using the free MBAM application), I'd be ever so relieved in hearing about it. I'm using MBAM's older free version and if I recall correctly, MBAM's update/upgrade advisory (seen each time I open MBAM) 'leads to now offering only paid versions', while I think I have MBAM's latest free version, (us retirees on SSI's fixed income, pretty much always have to watch our nickels and dimes). FYIO - I understand the risks of still using XP, IE8 and Opera's 'latest' stable36.0.2130.80, but I use that Netbook primarily just for processing and transferring files from my W7P Notebook pc onto my EHD's and of course Windows updates and Acer's latest application, BIOS and driver updates. I still find it concernable that going online once in a while for Windows updates and unless I can avoid it, installing software that requires downloading it and/or that phones home to install. Advance thanks and kudos for any helpfully constructive replies. Best regards to all and to all, happ-e-trails, wguru
  4. Hello, In that my (XP) Acer AOA-150's Netbook's display has an 8 inch and 13/16ths inch screen, so far my attempts at changing resolution and/or DPI, still disallow me to view the entire Kaspersky windows. I've even tried dragging the issuesome window(s) onto my external monitor which is recognized by the Netbook's default OEM provided "Intel Graphics Accelerator Driver for Mobile" (by my specifying graphics oprtions>output to>notebook+monitor and even monitor+notebook). The closest I've come to resolving the issue, is to when I can left click the Kaspersky windows upper-most areas and drag the window upwards to see the otherwise unseen bottom-most window, but as soon as I drag it to that point and try clicking on the otherwise unseen Kaspersky's button(s), before I can click on any of them, the window jumps back upwards. And while at least then I can read the buttons for that moment, I can only thereafter detect the buttons upper borders, so at least I can click them that way. Short of any other graphics software provider's drivers (which may unlikely as it is, given the largely unsupported Windows XP's and such Netbook user's), might there be someone that knows enough to help resolve the issue short of my workaround? It's either that or maybe some day Kaspersky's Developer's might relent and offer (what seems to me, a fairly rudimentary aspect in software compatabilty, i.e.; scaleability). Advance thanks and kudos for any helpfully constructive replies. Best regards to all and to all, happ-e-trails, wguru
  5. My authoring app stopped capture mode w/o warning except I noticed at time of the event, while KAV7's auto update 'coincidentally' prompted of it's AV definitions available update.
  6. Has anyone ever gotten KAV's off their system? If so, I'd sure like to know how. For over a month, everywhere I went there was KAV still there after using first the KAV uninstallers, then KisKav6Remove tool, and I'm not finding any hits at Kaspersky's website knowledgebase for a KisKav7Remove. The forum's full of posts with removal issues and I can't find one that any KAV users ever reported everything was finally removed. Please don't try to dillute the issue by saying what needs to be uninstalled is as see the following. Aside from 100's of KAV6 and 7 registry entries (haven't even searched for KAV5 yet) remain, plus folder C:\KAV w/dozens of subfolders for KAV6 and 7, even the most basic of things to remove (start>programs) still listed avp.exe, worse now I find a couple of klogon.dll's refuse to delete, ref. C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files and C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\CONFLICT.1, etc., etc., etc.
  7. Hi/Bye everybody, Sadly I've all but said bye-bye to KAV after more than two years of it's protection, as for now, pending my ultimate goal of migrating onto open source software, AV to start with, them Linux itself, I'm now running Blink Personal. Not only is the first year totally free with not so mach as a cardit card needed to install the full version, but it was much easier to install and set up. Also pleasing, is my machine runs a little quicker and clearly smoother. Don't necessarily mean to bring up KAV's shortcomings, as everything has them, however if it wasn't for help found on the forum, well you know. As for my uninstall, I used the KAV7's 'unwise exe' I think it was. And I too have noticed missing sections on very few webpages. Areas of text seem as if buried under other text and/or grahics. Can't be sure it's KAV related. As for KAV's not unregistering certain dll's, or so I've read just today, I was more surprised that even the avp.exe shortcut on my programs list still listed even today. Poking around my regisitry, I do see quite a few KAV entires too. So as much as I didn't want to mention KAV's operating issues, undeniably there are some of us encountering many of them and all too frequently as for whatever reasons, I repeatedly had to reinstall, nothing ever seemed to fix it. As such, I was always left wondering about the programs stability as even the updates that sometime failed to list, even though they'd list as downloading (50 to 60 odd files), then itwould list as updating (just 20 to 30 files), and rarely did I ever note those remaining downloaded files ever installing" or later even being updated. What I found most concerning was that for years when writing to the Lab for support, when they rarely did e-mail back, usually in Russian, it wasn't long before the same or new issues cropped up. In that things kept going 'south', then when windows even began refusing to come to front, Excel's spreadsheets (100% of the time) and occaisionally other windows like text doc's, etc., after I discovered that KAV was the culprit as in every instance, when 'exiting' KAV only then did windows entirely function again, so I relented an uninstalled KAV. Note that since uninstalling KAV, I haven't encountered window one failing to come to front. At risk of sounding bitter, its not real surprizing that KAV's not provided a proper uninstaller. As for the uninstall tool's forum posted links at... http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...ninstalling+KAV ..they too aren't/weren't working at least for me as while it got me to an otherwise working Kaspersky web page, (listing lot's of links) it otherwise basically denotes "Page not found". And yes I tried the recommended "refresh" thing, but no change. Did send them an e-mail using that page's working link for reporting a KAV webpage issue, but I'll be a little surprized if it gets any attention, let alone an English reply. I'll keep seeking the unistall tool, even though I think I ran it once already, unless using it a second time might not be adviseable. Wish all your electronic endeavors and virtual travels be happy one's (ie; hap-e-trails to all), wguru
  8. Apologies for the least of issues here, okay non-issue, but when I stop and re-start KAV, the following files are first scanned. Having done nothing to the system myself, yet 7 seconds later, edb.chk is again scanned. What's going on to need the edb.chk scanned again? As I installed KAV over the top of 6, I'm a little apprehensive about duplicate scanning, especially since I'm pretty sure KAV's main window sometimes doesn't retain the time and date of my last scan (it sort of like updates are washing the main window's last scan details). But again, seems like duplicated scanning is going on. C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0\avp.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2\edb.chk C:\program files\kaspersky lab\kaspersky anti-virus 7.0\Microsoft.VC80.CRT.MANIFEST C:\WINDOWS\system32\CatRoot2\edb.chk
  9. Since nobody but me accesses my EHD's (external hard drives) and I'm battling resouce issues already, file protection scans are hogging my resources. As anything going on my EHD's goes thru my laptop and KAV already, it seems useless for file protection to scan them whenever I bring one online. So as to stop it, some masking, trusted or rule thing, right? But I find KAV a bit too complicated, so could someone please simply tell me how to stop those scans by setting KAV7's whatevers? Apologies for imposing on others for my lack of drive, appitude and/or patience.
  10. This just crossed one of my surviving brain cell's electrons. And I don't suppose I'd have to be shot if I ever found out what encryption KAV chooses to run on their servers, website, and/or software, but I sure hope its one of the unhackables like PGP. I mean since all AV companies provide backdoors to their customer's systems, and in that 'the man' has been exposed as basically getting a free pass there, that means these backdoors can be leaked, sold or (ah-hem) misused. I know I've mixed apples and oranges here, but soft drink companies make a fortune doing just that, and nobody questions what's behind the premise. And yes and no. I consider myself as having a healthy modicum of both paranoia and respect for the law, plus I'm not a 'bad guy', just hoping KAV is as smart as I think they are. But it does bother me that Kaspershy encrypts the updates w/o providing us their customers with a key that allows us to say, look at what's on the black list, what viruses are in their detection database (sure won't find that out on K's website either). I know that was true as once I caught a trojan that KAV 'said' was a new version of an earlier one, but regardlees that their lab tech's refused to argue the point, I found thair explanation untrue and they couldn't deny it, hense they ceased conversing with me on that issue.
  11. Thanks for replying, I duh-no why I didn't think of it. But since I set up yahoo to frwd mail to my OE6, it didn't retain a copy because I set it up that way. Haven't rec'd any more K support emails so can't say what was happening. I'm still thinking maybe because of one of my posts here (Selling out our privacy), a rare post that prompted KAV's 'CEO' to post a reply, as such its not inconceivable that those emails weren't someone's idea (someone who works for KAV) of a little payback. Hate to think that was true, but whatever.
  12. So my question still remains to be answered. It sure seems like it deserves answering with one of two resolutions, as opposed to 'add it to trusted zone'. The reason being since KAV doesn't require Windows LogOn window to be added to the trusted zone, obviously KAV designers give valid 'acting like a keylogger' executables a free pass, so what makes this executable any different? Why did not my replies provide the obvious 'yes KAV shouldn't necessitate alerting to apoint.exe' just as it shouldn't alert to user keyboards 'acting like a keylogger'. Would have hoped that a reply here would have said, oh ya, KAV sometimes is a bit slow on the uptake by recognizing valid 'acting like a keylogger' programs/executables, but what makes this one (Apoint.exe) so different in that it seems a little ridiculous not to have it at least placed on the list of definitions, so everytime a new KAV user runs their OS, they're all not drilling the net to determine if their apoint/exe has been modified and/or if KAV is false positiving. I seem to recall having posted/submitted not only the file for analysis, recommended it be acknowledged as nothing alertable or neccessary to be 'trust zoned', so why isn't someone agreeing with me and apparently why hasn't KAV admonished this executable to a non-alertable status??
  13. Thanks everyone for replying. And appreciate the viewing audience's temperance with my lack of expertise and my own need for more temperance. After some time passed, if I recall correctly,youtube had $ issues and apparently cut back on their server expenses which slowed downloads to a crawl. At least I think it was youtube thaqt had that issue and I think if correct, they've rectified that as it seems they acquired more funding.
  14. Thanks for replying. The feature's option made available in Protection>Computer Protection Status>Settings (tick box) doesn't seem to be explained anywhere. Where did you obtain your information on this feature? If I understand you correctly, that optional feature adds another layer of self protection to KAV, so how is it that KAV offers it as an "option"? I suppose the remaining typical questions about the feature can be answered simply by turning the option on, ie; is it a resouce hog, does it result in some sort of annoyance, etc.
  15. Thanks for the info. Just guessing here, that user option setting is useful for what, insuring that KAV cannot be turned off except by password or myself (the administrator)? And now, where did I find that setting's option. :0)
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