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  1. I have applications in my threats and exclusions allowed section and yet KTS still blocks them. I have been having so many problems regarding KTS and blocking I have decided that when this contract expires, I am going elsewhere - goodbye ..........................
  2. OK done, awaiting reply - and thanks. Double checked url in wifes account - still doing it. I did it in www.name.co.uk and www.name.co.uk/checkout - both reported 'safe' automated reply: In automatic mode, no URLs were found in your submission. This is an automatically generated message. Please do not reply to it. Anti-Virus Lab, Kaspersky Lab HQ HUH?
  3. MY wife has been using an online company for years to order items. KTS is now blocking her from ordering. I received tech support telling me about exclusions which I opened and added site address. It vanished (again) and she is still being blocked. GET IT SORTED! Or I bin Kaspersky
  4. I dont want to lose these as they are excellent programmes. BUT, I will do as you ask then try and install Password again and let you know - thanks. I also had Malwarebytes Premium but had to take it out because it kept removing ASC. If you can tell me that KTS does the same or better cleaning, then I will uninstall ASC when the subs run out in a couple of months.
  5. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=0bb6431778e2271b639af2119c6a7d41 as requested berny
  6. Thanks /bernie but I am not getting this it just says 'Enter Master Password' I get no further
  7. I am trying to install Kasp Password Manager into Total 2017 but it keeps asking for master password, I have no idea, dont recall making one and have no record in emails??? So I end up uninstalling it again.
  8. what the heck is going on here. I rang Kaspersky UK, they said for support etc ring - erm, I just did!!! So I rang the number, erm, ring this number, erm, I just DID!!!! So I rang digitalriver, the distributors. Sorry, this phone is no longer in use???? Went back to Kaspersky and tried a linked page - "sorry this page does not exist' ............................. edit: finally got through to a human by pressing the wrong button!!! Result. Firstly the lack of emails and support details was my fault: I put to 'ii' 's in my email address!! - so all info went into a black hole. Second, the very kind assistant sorted it out and my refund email should be on its way .............. bye everyone, and thanks for help in some of the threads, appreciated. As a person I once knew says, Now your suckin' diesel!!! What that means is the engine is running so fast/well its sucj fuel out of the tank!! My pc and laptop are now 'suckin diesel'!!!
  9. watched whilst I waited for broiswer to open, when it did, blank page with heading, then watch as the wheesl went around, and around, and around. Clicked close and waited. Thats my pc. On my laptop it near enough ground to a halt, so I uninstalled the lot of KIS and rebooted, Whooosh!! Everything fast again. So deleted KIS from pc ,and that went back to normal too. So demanded a refund and gone back to ***
  10. Having just bought and intalled Total 2017, my pc has gone really slow. What is the remedy or do I have to go down the path of gimme a refund??? I'll give it 2 days to sort itself ..............
  11. I have paid for 1 year 3 machines and got activation code which I added in my pc. I have just added KIS Total 2017 to my laptop and it tells me its trial and the activation code has not arrived in my email, which it should. The screen that contained the coede refused to print and now I have no activation code???? AGH!!! Where is it? Its not in the licence page
  12. Back again, was not impressed with alternative, user interface rubbish for a start. Thanks Indio for the inbfo that the software updater was already in, didnt know that and now tried it and its fine
  13. It was the installer that put in the beta version when I decided to retry KIS after quite a few years without it. I wanted to see if it had improved, got better, more solid. At this monent in time I have uninstalled the complete trial as I am now trialing what is claimed to be the worlds No 1. I will buy the winner
  14. new day, old problem, KIS updater now deleted. It was telling me that the original 4 updates from last week needed updating!!!!
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