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  1. Hi. Just installed today kis 2018 and i have the problem you can see in the image i attached. This didn't happen with kis 2017. This happens, whether i use chrome or microsoft edge browser, ONLY if i use safe money. Besides considering explorer.exe suspicious, kis also finds suspicious dropboxupdater.exe. I did a full scan and everything is ok. Thank you.
  2. Hi. Just installed the latest version of KIS from the official website. Immediately after i installed KIS i started having problems with Thunderbird, as you can see in the attachment. If i disable KIS the problem is gone. How can i solve this? Thank you.
  3. Hi. I updated to windows 8.1 Pro (preview) released today (?) to the public, and KIS2013 is the only software installed that's not working. Any fix on the way? Thanks
  4. I just don't get it. Was that some kind of help? Where did i mentioned the word visible in my first post? The printer is always visible. Anyway, 1st connection, at 22h38, printer is offline. 2nd connection, at 22h43, after reboot, printer is online.
  5. Hello. I have 2 problems with KIS2013 1st: I can't use KIES (samsung software) with KIS2013. Many function are disable. KIES works fine if i remove KIS2013 or if i use another security suite. 2nd: I connect, from home to my college, using VPN connection to print. But it always says printer is offline. I have to restart my laptop and only then it says printer online. If i remove KIS2013 our use another security suite this doesn't happen. I already changed the connection to trusted. Thanks PS: i'm using kis2013 on windows 8 X64 professional
  6. Hi. Yesterday i tested on my parents laptop, KAV 2013. Running browser configuration messed up IE9. Now they have problems downloading attachmentes from gmail using IE9. Before running browser configuration on KAV2013 they always had this small windows to download: After running browser configuration on KAV2013 they get this: And if they try to save (guardar in Portuguese) nothing happens. How to restore? This only happens with the combination IE9/Gmail. Thank you
  7. Hi. I'm using KIS2012, Windows 7 Home Premium X64 SP1 updated, and i have problems printing at college. I successfully connect to the printer, don't get any error when i order printing, but the documents just stand there with the status "spooling-printing". For example, i'm now trying to print a pdf document with 18 pages and after 30 minutes the status shows it's still printing page 3. If i disabel KIS protection or change the status to trusted network the problem continues. The only way is to remove KIS, just to print, and reinstall again. What can i do? Thank you
  8. Hi. I'm having problems using kaspersky pure vs grabit (newsgroups). Here's a picture: The 1st 3 quarters are with kaspersky on. My speed keeps drooping to 0 all the time. The moment i shut down kaspersky everything goes back to normal (last quarter) Using windows 7 professional x86 updated. No problem when i use other security programs, instead of kaspersky pure.
  9. Just installed KIS 6 after using KIS 7 trial and now i get this error. Already uninstaled, cleaned every trace of kaspersky but i still get this error: The 1st time i try to run update i get some visual c++ error but i can't describe it or post a screenshot, goes way too fast. If i try to run the update again that error (visual c++) doesn't pop up, just the one in the screenshot i posted above. I use KIS for several months, and never had this problem. I tried KIS7 when it came out, and went back to 6 and didn't have this problem. Running WinXP SP2 updated with no other firewall/antivirus on my system. PS: kavremover didn't detect any trace of KIS.
  10. Yes, only KIS. Can this be caused by a router? For example i registered a game, so i had to give access and choose always remember. Because of that a few days latter i found out it was connecting without my permission, because in the 1st time i have to choose remeber....
  11. So no ideia? Just installed on another pc Zone Alarm and that feature works fine but on KIS i've to check ALLWAYS, i've no option to give access only once. (i'm on training mode, like i did for many years using ZA)
  12. Yep, i'm sure. Tried with IE and a lot of applications. Never works for me.
  13. Hi. Hope you can help me in 2 questions. 1st: Tried roolback and download again but i always get this error 2nd: If i uncheck remember this action doesn't connect even if i allow it. I had this feature on ZoneAlarm and used a lot if i wanted to give access to an aplication only once to the internet, and worked fine.
  14. That's because many people from different ISP's / countries can't connect to kaspersky. Discussion here PS: i've the same problem
  15. Same problem but i'm from Portugal. Started yesterday and i can't activate 30 day trial for K.I.S.
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