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  1. Hi all. I downloaded the disc from here and booted : http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208282173 and the version number was but it the important topic of forum it has been said the latest is where is it then ?
  2. Hi all I have seen the System Requirements of Kis 2012 in Website, but i think there are the minimum ones that should necessarily be provided. Is that right and with a system such as described there, Kasper will run smoothly ? If not, whats are the Average recommended System Requirements for xp and 7 ? Thanks !
  3. Hi all ! I am running Kis 2012 english and i want to download the german one. Can i install it over the english one or clean install needed ? And by the way, are there any links for german language pack only, so that i don t have to download the whole german installer package again ? Thanks !
  4. Hi all I am using kis 2012 I know how to block a website using parental control feature. but i don t want to use parental control at all. are there other ways, for example using webantivirus or firewall to block a website ? thanks !
  5. In which page of kaspersky.com have you seen Kaspersky internet security 2012 - Premium protection ? I have never heard of that.
  6. Hi all I have forgotten my password for Kaspersky Administrarion Kit v. 8.0.2163 and can t unistall it now. How to reomve it ? Thanks !
  7. Does this methode works always in any case ? Or does it cause any troubles ? I am asking because i am wondering whats the difference between this easier methode than the regular official one.
  8. Hi all I am running kis How can i specify that by default all applications that are installed or wil be installed later, will not be allowed to connect to internet, but just the few ones that i want, will be allowed ? Thanks !
  9. Read this post first to correctly put the GSI report here : http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=915 You should just put the uploaded link of the reports here, not the uploaded reports themselves ! edit: del quote.
  10. Hi I could have searched for this question in forum, but i wanted to know, just now, i mean the latest versions of both are compatible together or not ? i know that there are some other pros too, such as malware or super antispyware, but i want the answer for spyware doctor. and of course by regardig to disabling the active guard of spyware doctor and use as a scanner. Thanks.
  11. If i wanted to download what you have said, i would allow the application wizard itself to download the updates. I am saying that such as previous versions, the wizard updates the rescue disc using the databases updated during the usuall updates of the application.
  12. Hi all I use kis 2012 (a.b.c.d.e.f) on win 7 sp1 I always have a back of folder of updates using the " copy updates to folder" option in update settings. but as ever that i reinstall the program or after changing windows, first i install the application, then i update it offline using the update back up folder, but then when i have my first online update, it updates a large size over 50 MB !! Then what is the use of this back up folder ??? by the way, i see that after my offline update the date of signatures will be up to date, but i don t still know why there is also another large update ?
  13. Hi ! I use kis 2012 ( a.b.c.d.e.f ). While in 2010 version, it was possible to update the rescue disc offfline and using the bases of the main updated application, from 2011 till now it is not possible and internet connection and extra trafic consuming is needed to update the rescu disc. will this matter be solved or not ?
  14. Ofcourse i have tolled him so, but i was curious to know what are this databases on kaspersky servers and what for they are still being released ? Does any one know that ?
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