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  1. Well being the impatient sort, I tried the various suggestions: 1. Reinstalling the Kaspersky cert doesn't work (because it's already installed). 2. Removing and then reinstalling the Kaspersky cert doesn't work. 3. Uninstalling Kaspersky, rebooting, installing Kaspersky, updating to 1088c, then rebooting again DOES WORK. So if you're willing to lose all your settings (I only kept the licence information), it seems full removal and installation does the trick. It should not be the case that this problem comes up ever few months, and there's no way to fix it except for an uninstall/reinstall. While this is not a big deal in itself, losing all your settings and all the exceptions a user has set up over the months is a real pain and not a good solution for an ongoing problem that is seen time and time again. Hope that helps someone.
  2. TLS 1.3 has been implemented for quite some time because it provides significant performance and security improvements over 1.2. Disabling 1.3 to go back to 1.2 is a regression in terms of security.
  3. Disabling TLS 1.3 degrades the security of your https connection. It is not a solution, it is a workaround that compromises the security and performance of your https connection in favour of having Kaspersky inspect the data.
  4. So they told you to disable Chrome attempting to always make a secure connection. While that does stop the error, it does make your browser less secure as you are now no longer attempting to use https automatically, but allows Kaspersky to check the page without problems. That's not really a good solution, but it allows Support to say they "fixed" the issue, while leaving you using unencrypted connections. I'm having the same issue with Firefox, so it's not really Chrome issue, it's a Kaspersky issue.
  5. None of those things are a fix, they just disable security features, so the problem doesn't show up because you're no longer checking. You might as well just disable the checking in KIS if you're going to do any of those things. Things like hardware acceleration are only relevant to page rendering and have nothing to do with https/certificates. The problem is that Kaspersky is breaking something doing it's man-in-the-middle attack to check out https connections ever since yesterday's Microsoft updates. Kaspersky should be fixing this as a matter of urgency as although we're the first ones reporting it, everyone is going to be having this issue show up sooner or later.
  6. After further testing, it turns out this does not work correctly. The UI for the web component regularly disappears (comes up as a small blank square), so there's no way to tell if it's working or change settings. Kaspersky is still dropping the ball on 64 bit support.
  7. Well it's better for memory handling, large numbers of tabs, etc. Any speed difference is undetectable on my system unless I'm using benchmarks. I think we're already well past the point where people should be expecting 64 bit just to work, so I'm not holding my breath here. 64 bit is here to stay. Hmm, that does seem to work on with FF 44 64bit. Thanks very much for the workaround. It seems to do privacy blocking and Safe Money pops up too.
  8. Thanks for the suggerstion, but sll that does is install the certs that are already installed. It doesn't provide a 64 bit plugin for the Kaspersky services that are available on the 32 bit version. It's as if Kaspersky have no intention of supporting 64 bit products - it's 2016, not 2006!
  9. Does anyone have any insight into when/if Kaspersky is ever going to support 64 bit browsers, Firefox in particular? Last time I checked, 64 bit CPUs, OSes and browsers have been around a number of years, and yet Kaspersky still doesn't support 64 bit browser components. What is taking them so long to get their act together and support current web technologies?
  10. It's because you put the new licence in and hit the "Activate" button. What you should have done is put in the new licence code and hit "enter" at the end of the last licence box. Just entering the licence number and backing out of the page doesn't do anything. It's not very clear what to do. The screen has no instructions, and it's obvious to hit the "Activate" button (where you lose your remaining days) and it's virtually hidden what you have to do to keep your remaining licence days by simply hitting "enter" after entering the code. It would seem trivial for Kaspersky to make this clear by having two buttons, one for "Activate now" and one for "Activate when current licence expires". Instead, the page is left confusing where people will naturally lose their remaining licence days, or wait until the old licence expires before entering the new one.
  11. Still no fix for Nero in 2014 patch B. I have noticed that when Nero is running slowly, the write buffer is constantly draining almost down to zero and then going back up. This does not happen with KIS 2014 disabled and Nero running at full speed - the buffer fills and tends to stay full. I have experimented, and found that this problem is caused by the system watcher. Disabling this allows Nero to write at normal speed. There doesn't seem to be a way to disable the system watcher for just the Nero application.
  12. I had no problems with KIS 2013, but under KIS 2014, Nero only writes at the slowest speed (x4). Disabling KIS 2014 makes it run a bit faster (x6) and exiting KIS 2014 makes it run at full speed (x16). I also have the same problem with other burning software I tried eg CDBurnerXP. Any chance of this annoying bug getting squashed any time soon?
  13. That's why I didn't give direct links. Obviously anyone that goes to the beta forums looking for download links to the beta versions should read all the various disclaimers and warnings regarding beta software. However, given all current problems with Kaspersky software, it's no surprise that people will be willing to risk things with beta software as an alternative to uninstalling Kaspersky altogether and having no protection, or having an unusable computer system.
  14. Patch G is available from the beta test update servers. It's listed at the top of the beta forums. You can use it if you are willing to take a small chance that it's subject to change and may be updated again before full release.
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