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  1. Hey, My computer freezes everytime playing the game Americas Army when Kaspersky is enabeld.(When established connection with the game server) "Pausing" the protection KAV solves the problem. Americas Army is a free game, if you Devs. want to try it out and see if its the same for you download it at www.americasarmy.com Build 6.0.300
  2. More suggestions: 4. Please remove that Virus Detected sound to something less scarry, when you hear that sound you think you are infected with a virus that bypassed KAv and the computer will die. But infact its kaspersky that stoped a virus from infecting it
  3. Suggestions: 1. I would like to suggest that Kaspersky made a Scandinavian language version.... Now what do i mean with that It is possible to make one language version that is understood by scandinavia + Finland. = Simplified Swedish ___ All finnish schools are teaching Swedish and the olders most of the know swedish cuz many have relatives in sweden and many products are in swedish in finland. Denmark and Norway have a very similar language as swedish, but the thing is that they have somehow easier to understand swedish than sweeds have to understand them ... You would take 4 countrys with one version, great deal i must say Any thoughts of that? (Altough F-Secure might be a major competitor on the market) 2. More commercial Kaspersky! Some say that its good that AV's dont advertise so that money goes to the AV technology, but Advertising is Money and with Money you can make more technology and Power these days. 3. Make Kaspersky design clean and with fewer colors Just a thought, less colors and white background makes you fell safer
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