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  1. Another two machines infected today.. Antivirus 2011..
  2. Had one of the workstation PC infected today... Fake antivirus. Virus definitions updated and everything. Even ran a full scan didn't pick up anything.. Had to run combofix + malwarebytes + manual registry edits c:\documents and settings\admin\WINDOWS c:\documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\defender.exe c:\documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr0.dat c:\documents and settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Downloader\qmgr1.dat c:\documents and settings\All Users\Desktop\Malware Protection.lnk . ----- BITS: Possible infected sites ----- . hxxp://server:8530
  3. Anyone using the newer Kaspersky Anti-Spam module with Exchange at the moment? Any feedback/results? Percentage of spam caught? How many emails slipped through? Any performance issues? ie: iistore hangs/does not start/memory usage Thanks
  4. Having exact same problem. I installed a trial version for a client last week, since then the server has come up with low virtual memory. up2date.exe shownig high cpu/mem usage. Since then the server has rebooted itself twice so far.. It's affecting other 3rd party programs such as Exchange and ShadowProtect..
  5. Unfortunately we have already migrated 10+ clients across to Sophos due to the delay.. no way I'm uninstalling and reinstalling Kaspersky again! I may consider using Kaspersky again for new clients.. so who's going to be the guinea pig?
  6. Yep the Anti-Spam module.. The existing Kaspersky Mail Security for Exchange 2007 does not have much features for Anti Spam. Too many are slipping through and too many false positives. The bulk of the spam processing should be done on the server level, rather than the workstation anti spam client side. I have also listed the missing/improvement details on a thread i created yonks ago. If you search or my thread you will know. I lost a lot of money because of the Anti Spam component. We sold 5+ of the Enterprise suite and we had to absorb the costs and had to purchase Sophos Small Business Security Suite with our own money.. Some of them we had to reroute the emails through our Ironport server, filtering on their behalf... I have sent a very detailed email to our Australian distributor and Kaspersky HQ.. A beta release was promised ~6 months ago.. It has been a long wait and I hope the beta is up to it's performance. Renewals are coming up and it's going to take me the luck of the universe to persuade them to stay with Kaspersky, let alone a demonstration of the beta Anti Spam.
  7. Will this support the long awaited Exchange 2007?
  8. One of our client workstations running Kaspersky Workstation AV with the latest updates. A fake av/malware program TotalSecurity c:\program files\ts\ts.exe was not detected. It had the latest updates and everything.. I had to end task tree the processes and and run combofix.exe :/ I was hoping Kaspersky would detect it at first.. a worry let down..
  9. GO GO GO! I hope the anti spam features for 07/010 is better then the features Mail Security for Exchange 2003. That one LACKED MANY features...
  10. Kaspersky Security for MS Exchange 2003. Latest version 5.5.1388.0. The first one doesn't come with Anti spam module.
  11. We have uninstalled Mail Security for Exchange and left the Anti virus server/workstation in place. After two days, the users do not experience any missing emails. This leads us to the conclusion that there is a problem between Mail Security and Exchange...
  12. Did you run the uninstall/install via kav admin console on all 400+ machines? or did you do it manually? Reason I ask is I have mixed success/failure installing things via Kav.
  13. I ran into this on a production mode before it went live. Based on a Kaspersky description, I went and installed the non-Enterprise edition. It caused 08 to hang left and right and blue screened.. I could not uninstall it as it hanging.. Lucky I had a backup image and did a restore. Installed the Enterprise edition with the critical update and everything is fine. You may notice when opening My Computer and browsing a USB/removable device. The Windows Explorer app hangs/slows down. This is caused by the on-demand scan for USB/removable device. I turned it off in KAV FS.. and its fast again. Deployed the server next day to the client. Everythings fine..
  14. I have checked the backup storage section of the mail security console. When I click on it it gives me an error "Failed to display the content of the backup storage: Unspecified error". I believe what might happen is kaspersky some how marked these legitimate emails and spam and stores it in backup storage. Because Kaspersky were not able to access the QB folder within the default location. There emails were not saved/stored properly in QB. These emails some how do not get passed on to the users Junkmail folder for some reason... I assume the emails have a high spam rating?!! I've actually checked the missing emails in Gmail, and they did not have anything suspicious. In the mean time, I created another shared folder somewhere else and set full write permissions. The error does not come up anymore when accessing backup storage.
  15. The server is running SBS 2003. It has Kav file server and Mail security installed. It is running Exchange 2003 SP2. The workstations are XP PRO with Office 2003 Pro. The users are complaining that emails are getting automatically deleted right in front of their eyes! The message will come through and sit in the Inbox then suddenly it disappears! I've checked the Outlook for rules and there are none. Anti spam is disabled on the client side software. I have checked the Server mail security console. It is set to move any spam to the Junkmail folder. There is no delete action. I have checked everywhere (Quarantine/Junkmail folders) and cannot locate these missing emails. I have seen it myself.. I have set an email forward to another external gmail.com email account in Exchange General section in Active Directory. The missing emails are actually in there!! These emails are actually legitimate as well. Anyone have this problem?
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