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  1. I've tried again with a fresh download of the rescue.iso (, and it still fails to give a network connection on both my PCs. Everything else works - mouse, file manager etc, just no network connection, so no definition updates possible. Both machines use wired ethernet. If I revert to an older image e.g., the network connections work correctly. So something has changed between the versions, but what? Any clues anyone?
  2. Let me re-phrase my original question - Is anybody able to boot their Win 7 / Vista PC using a current Rescue USB stick and get normal Internet access e.g. to update the definitions or visit the Kaspersky home page?
  3. I've created a fresh Rescue USB stick with version (22Jan'15) of the Rescue ISO. Althought it boots ok, no network connection is created. Reverting to image (21Dec’12) gives correct boot and full network connection including Internet (Auto eth0). I don't have any other versions between these dates to try. I've replicated the fault on both a Vista and Win7 PC. Is anyone else experencing this network problem and are there any clues as to what might be causing it / how to fix it? Allan.
  4. My scans are now running properly with no lockups. I indicated earlier that I thought that the routine KIS2013 updates had cleared the problem, however the next day auto Rootkit Scans locked-up again. After applying richbuff's procedure of disabling/re-enabling self defense etc my PC has been stable for the last 3 days (4x Rootkit Scans ok) so that looks good, thanks richbuff.
  5. Yes, the scan when locked-up showed the green dashes circling but no increase in file count and continuous high CPU usage by AVP.exe. The only way to stop this problem was to restart the computer. Selecting the STOP button within the KIS scan box did not work, neither did kill process from Task Manager. After a hard Restart, the PC and KIS would behave normally until the next Rootkit/Critical Areas scan, when after some time scanning the lock-up occurred. That is until this evening when KIS started to behave again. Hope this explains. AllanR
  6. Prior to trying Richbuffs suggestions, I thought I would try the Critical Areas scan (with Rootkit Scan enabled) and Vulnerability scan once more today, Saturday. Guess what - no problems, the scans ran normally! Since yesterday's lock-up problems, there have been 2 auto-updates, the most recent at 8pm UK time I'll contine to monitor the situation for the next day or two and report back.
  7. Richbuff said: My Win7 64bit SP1 laptop has been stable for the last 18 months. KIS2013 was installed in Dec'12 (after uninstalling KIS2012). Until yesterday (patch f), there were no problems using KIS. As well as the Rootkit Scan lock-up, I've realised that using the Critical Areas scan also causes lock-up. My GIS report is at: http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...225d207a4b7676b My wife's Vista (32bit) PC just received KIS2013 patch f this morning, but her Rootkit and Critical Areas scans still function ok. Her PC has fundamentally the same applications installed as I do. I wonder what is common to the people experiencing this problem?
  8. Starting today, I'm getting the same problem with my Win 7 64bit laptop. Automatic Rootkit scans are sticking at 50% and can't be stopped. CPU usage by AVP.exe *32 is around 25% constant, and my laptop fan is running continuously at full speed. This is not a good situation. Prior to today all was running well. Kaspersky Support link shows I'm running KIS 2013 version (f)
  9. I've also experienced very slow Thunderbird email downloads after upgrading from KIS 2011 to KIS 2012 on three separate PCs - XP, Vista and Win7. Email downloads went from 5 per second to 1 every 2-10 secs. All upgrades were done correctly ie install new AFTER uninstalling the previous version. Thankfully this forum provided the answer, and disabling KIS Anti Spam feature has 'cured' the problem. Note all my KIS installs are at the latest patch (h). Could it be an interaction with the specific email provider? I use Plusnet in the UK.
  10. Problem seems to be fixed now. My XP PC with KIS 2010 updated correctly this morning. That's a relief.
  11. Same here. My XP machine running KIS 2010 is refusing to update today. However, my Win 7 machine with KIS 2011 has updated just fine. I wonder what is going on?
  12. I agree, this is indeed a real pain. KIS2010 on my XP machine works just fine, as soon as you update a 'vulnerable' application the Vulnerability List automatically removes the warning. However on my Win7 machine, KIS2011 stubbornly keeps showing the old versions of vulnerable apps AFTER the update has been performed, e.g Firefox 3.6.8 upgraded to 3.6.9. At the least I expect the list to be correct after a re-run of the Vulnerability Scan.
  13. I've been going round in circles trying to make a single Kaspersky Rescue Disk which would work on all my PCs (KIS2010 on XP, KIS2010 on Vista, and KIS2011 on W7) Thanks to H4H's posts and Natong's observation that KIS2010 Rescue CD V8 fails to boot if you allow the "Create Rescue CD" wizard to update the ISO (sticks at blinking cursor). I've now got a working v8 disk and I'm surprised that Kapersky has never fixed this bug. However the suggestion from primobos to use the latest beta Rescue Disk 10 (KIS2011) was a great help. I had already tried "Create Recovery CD" wizard on the KIS2011 W7 PC (current version is, but it only worked on the XPSP3 and Vista PCs and not on the W7 PC (again stuck at blinking cursor). The latest beta v10.0.21.104 works on all PCs. What a relief. http://devbuilds.kaspersky-labs.com/devbui...v_rescue_10.iso Thanks to the previous posters for showing the way.
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