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  1. Kaspersky free

    I got official replay from Kaspersky also. "After this year license will automatically activate for another year. "
  2. Kaspersky free

    Thats bad if true, waiting for response from MyKaspersky support.. I mean i would gladly sell Kaspersky to my customers, but 30 euros every year is alot for most of them and they stay with builtin Windows Defender or some other like Avast free.. Hope Kaspersky gives some true free antivirus to the world.
  3. Kaspersky free

    I wonder the same thing, what happens after one year exactly?Does it auto-renew or what?
  4. Done. Request ID: INC000007892504
  5. I updated several locations with latest KSC and End point security SP2 and everything went fine except for this one server. In KSC console its giving me warning for server it self on which KSC is installed that Licence therm is expired.Application it self is activate and has valid licence.I tried deleting licence and re-adding it but its not helping.Also event log shows this warning: Event type: The license entitles to use components that have not been installed Non-installed components: Network Agent Connector I dont understand this message, everything is fully working, update task, polices,i can add licence thru KSC, stop protection etc.. Server name is "IZBOR", see attached screenshots which show licence is actually properly installed and working but KSC reports wrong things.
  6. When it was fixed?As you can see in screenshot it detect them still at 17.05.2017 date.
  7. I noticed as im doing backups of user HDDs Anti-Crpytor component of Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows server 10.0.486 false detects AutoDesk licencing manager files as some kind of Cryptolocker files. It did this already on like 20+ different computers and i got feeling this is false report. Could someone verify for me what exactly its going on here. Here is google drive link to ziped autodesk manager files freshly installed on clean computer which it also false detects. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0z-WfVHuw...iew?usp=sharing password:kaspersky
  8. Actually we have firewall fully off(both server and clients, both windows or kaspersky firewall) as we where unsure whats the problem. So nothing to do with firewall..
  9. Well, whatever it is, your product is having problems, i cant go with this to Netop, their product is working fine.. Besides you already confirmed incompatibility with WebFilterLSP32.dll ,which is part of Netop software, so first you say one thing than another? A bit confused now..
  10. Hey i managed to fix it! All it was needed is "netsh winsock reset" in CMD as admin than reboot PC, net agent immediately starts working.. Now im not sure how long this fix would hold or if they will come in conflicts with this software again.
  11. Oh and i just realized what you where saying about WebFilterLSP32, its actually not issue with win7, but all this laptops have Netop Vision installed, others with win10 dont have it as they are management PCs in this school, only studends laptops are win7 + Visio Software. So can we do something else to fix this compatibility with your product and Netop Vision?
  12. No luck, same thing with patch installed.We verified via support tab that patch is installed correctly. I made fresh traces while trying to start net agent with this patch installed. KES.
  13. Link you gave me asks for ftp loging, what credendtials in supposed to use because none I use for kaspersky works, can't u send me via pm or something this patch, we are kinda in hurry..
  14. Thanks, ill report back when we try installing it.