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  1. Good point there White Choclate. A complete uninstall of KIS 2010 and a clean of the registry before installing KAV 2011 are exactly the steps I took a few days ago.... But every time the application launched I was still getting 'failure to start properly' messages from KAV. I admit the use of kavremover.exe and the installation of kav11.0.1.400en_gb.exe did sort this disturbing problem out.... But then I realised that what I really wanted was KIS 2011 not KAV 2011 - or so I thought.... I reflected on the process I'd had to go through with KAV 2011 to get it working when launched and the fact that I'd never had to go through such a procedure with Kaspersky products before. I was concerned about the predicament I would have been in had I installed KAV 2011 before the release of kav11.0.1.400en_gb.exe. And yes, although I take reviews from retailers like amazon with more of a pinch of salt than independent lab reviews, I was struck by how much the thoughts in these reviews are echoed in this forum amongst people seeking and acting on the expertise that can be found here. It's all well and good that the release of the 556 biuld has ironed out the bugs but this is after how many months of KIS 2011 being on the market? I agree with dread - it is concerning that Kaspersky should release such a buggy product. And for that reason I don't want to take a risk with it. From what I've read the release of KIS 2011 has been very much like the release of new a operating system - people would be advised to wait for the first Service Pack (which the 556 build seems to be) before they buy it. But who wants to learn this in hindsight about their anti-virus program? Yes there will always be bugs with anti virus programs when they first come out but where do you draw the line about what is an acceptible amount of failure and discontent? Having said all that, like I said in my previous response, I have no plans to leave KIS personally, Ill stick to 2010 this year and keep an eye on these forums to see about buying KIS 2011 this time next year.
  2. I'm not an expert when it comes to anti-virus programs at all however I do pay close attention to what people say in reviews because there are a lot of people out there who know a lot more than I do. The feed-back in this thread so far is obviously more in favour of KIS 2011 than not. Until about an hour ago I was adamant that I was going to buy KIS 2011 because I've gone through this 'natural progression' since KIS 2009. However since reading the 1-3 star reviews of KIS 2011 at amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B0...erBy=addOneStar I have decided that I will be sticking with KIS 2010 for the next year. I felt swayed by these reviews in particular because many of them were by people who have been really impressed with 2011's predecessors. Even elsewhere on this forum just this evenings posts are echoing many of the concerns pointed out in these amazon reviews The biggest sway for me is that I don't remember there being so many question marks about KIS 2010.... Even just using amazon as a yardstick again, look at the more even spread of votes between 1-5 stars for the 2011 reviews compared to the predominantly 4-5 stars in the 2010 ones. Just a final point. Some of the things quoted from the KLab by sprog in this post, concerning your question about whether KIS 2011 is worth the install, refer to technologies in KIS 2011 that are part of the KIS 2010 application too - such as safe run and heuristic analysis. http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2010/prote...l?qid=208280134 http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2010/imav?qid=208280413 Obviously there must be some sort of advancements in these facilities in KIS 2011 but after reading the reviews about how resource hungry and noticeably active KIS 2011 seems to be, in some peoples view, I'm left wondering whether these advancements have come at the cost of too many people not being that happy.
  3. Thanks for your replies. I am so so annoyed! :angry: I obviously didn't look properly when I bought it. I just assumed I was getting the Internet security......I bought it in a bit of a rush.... I've looked on the site of the shop I got it from - I've always got it from here in the past and it is inundated with various KAV versions but has very few KIS versions..... Plus a quick search has revealed that I can get the 3-user 1 year license for KIS elsewhere for the same price as I got the 3 user KAV. Aarrrrggggghhh I'll have to see if I can get a refund...
  4. I installed Kaspersky Anti Virus 2011 Ok but does this mean I cannot access safe run for applications elsewhere? Is there a difference between 'Kaspersky Internet security' and 'Kaspersky Anti virus'.... I bet that's the problem isn't it?
  5. My operating system is Xp home sp3. In the last few days I installed Kav internet security 2011 and have been unable to turn off windows firewall and turn on the kaspersky one. MY FIRST attempts to solve this issue involved a google search that lead me to this link http://www.7tutorials.com/security-everyon...t-security-2011 which, when you scroll down, shows snapshots of how to turn on the Kaspersky firewall from the 'online Security' section of the 'protection center'. The problem is in my 'online security' section there is no link to a firewall option. SECONDLY I thought I'd try the <support> link from the Kav application on my computer. My first stop was too the <User Forum> link. This link lead me not to the forums but to a page informing me that I did not have the latest version of kav. I followed the steps here in the hope that this might solve my problem with the firewall. The steps were to 1. download and run the Kavremover.exe and 1. download and run the kav11.0.1.400en_gb.exe I did these things and still I don't have a firewall tab in the 'online security' section of the protection centre. THIRDLY I went to the <support> link again, linked to the <knowledge base> link and tried this search - 'how to turn on kaspersky firewall'. The 29 search results consisted of articles about kav but nothing specific to the firewall FOURTHLY I turned to the <support> link again and linked to the <fast track support> link. From there I chose the <product issues> link. There was only one link from there <some components cannot be launched>. I linked to this link. The first advice was to update the kav databases. I'd only just done that with the new install so I went to the next solution. This sets out steps of how to repair the application.... I haven't followed these steps yet but opted to come on here instead. My thinking being - should I really have to repair a brand new and recommended install just to turn on the kav firewall?? Any suggestions about how to turn on the kav firewall will be much appreciated ALSO fter reading an overview of the product at the link above to the 7tutorials I also realised that I don't have the 'desk top' gadget that it says should be in the task bar nor therefore access to the 'safe run' feature.... Could it be that I haven't got this gadget because I'm not running windows 7? If so I should still be able to access the safe run for applications facility shouldn't I?? Again any suggestions about this would be much appreciated to cheers
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