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  1. And how would I activate it again? I can't find my .key file anywhere.
  2. Hi, I recently reset my BIOS, which also reset my clock. Now when Kaspersky starts up it says that I have an incorrect activation date. How can I fix this?
  3. Is there a way to have kaspersky automatically pause on-access scanning at a certain time of day, and have it resume at another time?
  4. I had the same problem, untill I uninstalled my firewall completely, and rebooted.
  5. on my media PC which, by some coincidence, hosts my E-Mail server, My family was watching a movie with speakers at full volume(quiet scene), and then the e-mail scanner picks up a virus. I almost fell out of my chair...
  6. O, right, it monitors POP3 and SMTP activity rather than the client activity... I forgot about that.
  7. I thought atispam worked only in MS Outlook, I could've sworn I read a post about it somwhere here.
  8. In the settings, go to Anti-Spam, if you have modified the rules, click the 'default' button. Drag it down to 'allow all'... If you don't want to use the blacklist either, you go to customize and unchek all of the remaining boxes. (Edited for punctuation...)
  9. Easier but less secure way(It might work. I haven't tried it): Under settings go to the proactive defense tab thing... Open up the settings window for the Aplication Activity Analyzer. Under 'Launch internet browser with parameters', check the box (?) and click on the blue-underlined 'Prompt For action' text. It will change to block, click it again, and it will be set to allow. I hope this helps.
  10. If you wanted to disable this prompt, you would have to do add to trusted zone, and look for the path to the internet browser in blue. Click on that, and delete everything after the .exe (The web adress) I'll see if I can get a screenshot up...
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