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  1. I recently installed windows 10 on my pc and laptop, I then clean installed KIS 2016 on both without any issues. up to now all is running fine but as we all know having two anti-virus running at the same time is not a good idea. As you probably already know if windows defender is turned off, it automatically turns itself on again within about 15 minutes. So do I leave things as they are or should I get rid of defender (if that is possible) or even get rid of KIS?
  2. Yes you're quite right I've asked several times before. The reason is that i tend to use the reasoning "If it aint broke, don't fix it!" but with a version I'm happy with it seems they pull the plug on the updates after a certain date and to upgrade to the latest version reminds me of the many troubles I had soon after upgrading previously. Really I was hoping for some feedback whereas users would recommend upgrading to 2013 and everything would be fine and I wouldn't have any issues, but alas, after reading many of the posts on here about 2013 it seems I can expect some problems until they're ironed out. With 2011 I've had no troubles whatsoever and it runs quietly in the background. So hey it seems I'm forced to upgrade and Ill be keeping my fingers crossed for the next few months! P.S. If I'm not here asking for help in the next few months, I'll probably be asking the same question in a year or two.
  3. I suppose this has been asked many times before, but as I'm using an older desktop P C running XP and I'm on KIS 2011, I've just noticed that there will be no more updates after August 2013 so I will have to upgrade. The question I have is that in the past I've always upgraded when the new version comes out but then along comes all the problems which me and many others appear to have until all the glitches are sorted out months later, so is it wise to use the advice on here from some users about staying 1 year behind until all the glitches are ironed out or going straight to 2013? What's the general consensus on here regarding their own updates ie. wait or update straight away? I must add that I've been impressed with KIS 2011 and had no problems whatsoever on 2 PC's.
  4. Having spent the last several months using my PC with KIS 2011 happily doing it's job in the background, it has come to my attention that an upgrade to KIS 2012 is out. With all the problems with 2010 to 2011 upgrades finally ironed out, is it worth the upgrade to 2012 or are there any teething problems yet to be sorted out? As far as I'm concerned, KIS 2011 is doing fine and I don't want to jeopardize all that by upgrading to 2012. Also is there any significant improvement over 2011?
  5. Thanks for that, it appears I have 873.54 mb of available physical memory so I guess that I'm okay.
  6. As I have an older desktop PC and I understand that KIS 2011 takes more processing power than KIS 2010, the question I have is that is my PC capable of running KIS 2010 or should I stick with KIS 2010? Here is the spec:- AMD Duron 1.0 Ghz 1.46 GB of ram XP Pro sp 3. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. I did this last time to get my usb ports up and running again, as of now I did a clean install of KIS 2010( due to the bugs of which there seem to be a few in KIS2011) so is this related to updates or something else? It seems that every time I have a printer problem it ap;pears after an update. In device manager all my usb ports are showing as OK.
  8. Several weeks ago after spending many hours trying to solve the lack of functionality of my usb ports I finally found the cause and the cure on here which was because KIS 2010 was installed over KIS 2011. Now my printer has stopped and it says the driver is missing, I have updated and rolled back the driver, and even tried to install the driver from the supplied disc but to no avail. Therefore I am assuming it's down to a KIS update which is when it occured previously. I am on KIS 2010 and XP sp3. Any ideas on this one?
  9. Thanks Rudger, did as your link, ports are now working and I'm back with old faithful 2010! Will wait a bit longer before upgrading to 2011 after what I've read on here!
  10. After spending hours trying to get my USB ports working again I finally found the probable cause was updating from KIS2010 to KIS2011, I tried all the fixes but still the problem exists! even after reverting back to KIS 2010!! Any body with any new ideas??
  11. I must be seeing a different page than you, all I see is "Top articles for KIS 2011"
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