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  1. Like the title says, I've had continuous Kaspersky products in use since 2008. I'm about done. I could not access playstation vue's login page to resolve a streaming issue on my roku. It was KIS2019 blocking me. (When I used a computer without KIS installed, I could login just fine.) There were no messages telling me that KIS was blocking me. C'mon. After using the non-KIS machine, I decided to delete KIS from the first machine. I used the Win10 control panel, delete application. KIS uninstaller started. I selected "save" on all the various KIS blocks. I restarted my machine and could access all the websites. Next, I re-installed KIS. Because I'm a sucker. Now? Well, now KIS says that my license is invalid. You guys are making this hard.
  2. Done! Minor correction: instead of the "Protection" (as I bolded in your post), it's under "General". As a bonus, it seems to have fixed whatever was going on! Thanks.
  3. I have searched the knowledge base (online) and can find no "factory reset" listing. Is there a link to this? Or, should I wipe KIS off the machine and perform a clean install? Steps 2-4 will wait... Thanks!
  4. ...and now that website's banners are blocked again!?!?! Everything described in the strikethrough portion, above, is still valid. ... If I cycle KIS off, refresh the page, the banners appear. Turn KIS back on (Anti-Banner on as well), then the whitelist works. Refresh the page, banners stay. I can surf all over the website (a forum), and the banners stay. As soon as I change tabs (go to a different, non-whitelisted site), and then go BACK to the whitelisted site, KIS blocks the whitelisted site's banners.
  5. I'm going to edit what I posted, and strike through it. This is VERY odd. I paused KIS again; sure enough, the website banners popped up. I turned KIS back on, turned OFF the Anti-Banner, the website banners popped up. (refreshing or changing pages every time I changed the KIS options, as I've done each time.) I turned Anti-Banner back on, and now the banners stay. So....KIS is working correctly for Laptop B. This was odd. My original post is below: There is a website I wish to allow banners/ads. Computer "A", I opened Kaspersky, Settings, Protection, Anti-Banner: There, under "Websites with allowed banners", I added the URL for the website/forum. Banners appears. All is good. Laptop "B". I did the same. KIS still blocks banners. If I turn ALL KIS protection off (Pause), then the banners re-appear. So, this is definitely KIS blocking the banners. I have copied/pasted the URL, so not a typo. If I turn Anti-Banner OFF, banners still do not appear. Something in KIS, other than Anti-Banner, is stopping banners/ads on my laptop. How do I force KIS to let the banners appear??? Thanks.
  6. I have a similar error message...but it is for Thunderbird email. (I believe Mozilla underwrites/developed Thunderbird???) "Secure traffic in Thunderbird for the default profile is not monitored. You need to restart Thunderbird."
  7. Ahh....anti-banner? D'oh! That makes sense. I was fixated on the term "ad blocking".
  8. I'm using a streaming service and it states that I have an ad-blocker in use. In order to use my streaming service, I'd like to shut off ad-blocking for that website. Where in KIS is the ad-blocking setting located? I'm using KIS and have not found ad-blocking in it. Thanks. Ken
  9. Hmm. A simple reboot fixed it. I'd had this KLAVA update error for 2-3 days. Not the first time... Something is interfering with it. My reboot got it updating.
  10. I'm getting the same issue. KLAVA componenet error on update. Is there a solution, other than wiping/reinstalling KIS?
  11. Agreed. Something new has occurred. Perhaps with the Win10 version 1703 ("Creators Update"). I now get Windows Defenders messages whereas I did not get them before. Also, I get a notification that all my firewalls are shutoff...when they are not. Something is awry...
  12. Thank you. Now, why, since Kaspersky calls this function "Software Cleaner" can't they label it "Software Cleaner" on the menu??? I've been trying to shutdown this feature for a few weeks on several machines. A lot of aggravation could've been saved by proper nomenclature...and including instructions on how to turn it off in the KIS help files. Ken
  13. Tried to edit, but couldn't. Got it fixed. I was copying and pasting a setting in my email server account. It looked good, but had some hidden code. When I typed it manually, it all worked. Thanks.
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