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  1. I haven't seen it formally announced here, but link is below for english version of installer and changelog (version is 9.2.69): directory: http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english...rationkit/ksc9/ changelog: http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/english...se_notes_en.txt
  2. Win7's compatabilty listing KAV changelog ======= Have you tried downloading a new installation package, and reattempt install? Have opened a support case with tech support?
  3. Hi Adam -- I'm running that version on 3x Win7 x64's, and 1x Win7 x32 -- have never ran into the issue you document. The version ( (mp4, cf1)) is compatible with Win7. Are you getting any error messages when you deploy with the AK? What's the error message (verbatim) regarding compatibility? Marty
  4. Did the updated dll (post #35) not prove stable enough to be released? Marty
  5. I haven't found one. To my knowledge, only signatures can be rolled back. I'd much rather have an update from the manufacturer to remedy the defect.
  6. ... and if we leave it off, but turn it on again when they release a new autopatch without replacing the .dll file, it would just overwrite with the old one... and that would suck.
  7. ... Unless I disallow updating of application modules, or either way?
  8. ... actually I got movefile / pendmoves to work... sort of. It replaces the file (I do a delete of the mcous.dll in the KAV directory, then a move of the new file to the KAV directory). After a while after mcous.dll is replaced with the new version, KAV informs me of a change and wants me to reboot. I reboot and KAV replaces the .1454 with the old .1448 with .1454 presumably created with a .removeonnextreboot extension. How do I update this file, and not cause the AK to freak out and copy .1448 over the later mcous.dll file (.1454)? I would rather not turn off the option to update application modules, if I can help it.
  9. I've tried pendmoves (movefile), and i'm not having any luck rewriting with the new dll. Echoing others, will this dll be released within an autopatch? Marty
  10. same issue here (bb 9550) v5.0.0.1015 (bundle 1656, platform
  11. replaced the dll in safemode (win7 64-bit, outlook 2007) -- and outlook didn't crash when sending various sizes of file attachments from external applications
  12. I can reproduce the issue with both anti-spam enabled or disabled.
  13. I've got proactive defense disabled, and am still able to reproduce issue.
  14. Issue has occurred since autopatch D was released -- IMO, depends on if they use it, and if the notice it. It occurs when you try to send an attachment from any external application (e.g. excel, adobe, right-click context menu in windows). Do you have users that have patch D and don't exhibit this issue?
  15. Latest email from support that I received indicates that they're still trying resolve the issue and do not have a fix for the outlook issue yet. Proactive defense doesn't have anything to do with outlook crashing (at least in my case), as I've had it disabled since I Installed
  16. I've tested my outlook issues with Patch D (post the latest reboot request (and actual reboot on my end) on 12-8-2010), and it doesn't resolve the issue. I translated the Russian forum, and a thread says something about IDS bases, so may be that (then again, Google translate only works so well)
  17. Does anyone know of any status updates regarding issues in this thread?
  18. I'm still able to reproduce after re-registering the dll, and restarting the application.
  19. +1 - Has anyone opened a ticket w/ support and received a response?
  20. I've ran into the mail checker one (w/ Outlook 2007) since autopatch D was released -- however mine is a little different (not verbatim to the support article linked) -- where I attempt to attach a document from a external application and send it via outlook (or via the right-click context pane (right-click,send-to, mail recipient). Outlook will abend, and I have to restart outlook where it throws a dialog box that suggests disabling the anti-spam add-in. I've opened a ticket regarding this issue (and left a voicemail this morning), but haven't received a response yet (and it's been a few days on the ticket )
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