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  1. Please send me PM too for patch, my ticket INC000002159645. Thanks.
  2. i think i cannot rely on Technical Support/Company Account since my ticket never get response from Technical Support and finally ticket closed automatic by system without resolusion. :b_lol1: :b_lol1: :b_lol1: .
  3. Thanks Alex. I have 2nd problem, automatic deploy key not runs on kaspersky antivirus, since using Kaspersky End Point for Business scheme. Do you have solutions ?. Thanks.
  4. Hello' The problem is when i tried to create a new task from Kaspersky Security Center 10, tasking wizard cannot continue cause reason that i was attached above, it happened before selecting computers for key file installation. On my Kaspersky Security Center 10, Kaspersky Endpoint Security was installed. Thank you.
  5. Hello' I have problem with new scheme key file for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business | Advanced. Problem occurs when create license installation task for KES 8, when selecting key there is notification license is not compatible like on attachment. Did anyone have the same issue here ?. Any suggestion willl appreciate, thank you.
  6. I have the same issue. vapm and klnagent use high processor. I have no "run missed task" tasks and already uncheck scan vulverabilies on net agent and KES. Please concern for this.
  7. Hello' Do you want to protecting your CMS or your OS ? Kaspersky have no product which can integrated with your CMS. Make sure you have a sharepoint server installed if you want to use Kaspersky for sharepoint. Just think about your OS and how your file system can protected by KAV, you can use one of this product : - Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows. - Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Server Enterprise Edition 8.
  8. Hi S0GF2' KSV purely design for virtualization, which have fully compatilibity with virtual engine listed at KSV sysreq (i hope so). I have the same sysreq and want to implemented this product and hope working better than KBSS. With the KSV have to install on all ESXi host became a litte questions for us, cause another 3 ESXi host is a cluster which contain the same VM with another one. Thanks.
  9. hi SG02' thanks, i need to know is deploying KSV on 4 host was recommended, cause klconfig will create 4 VM on each host. could 1 KSV on one host also covering another 3 host ?. Thanks.
  10. Special for padang man. http://usa.kaspersky.com/sites/usa.kaspers...%20AdminKit.pdf
  11. Hello' I have question about Kaspersky Security for Virtualization : 1. We have 4 ESXi host, should KSV installed on all ESXi host or only use 1 ESXi host ? 2. How many guestOS needed by KSV on 4 ESXi host ? 3. how about calculations of license ? per-ESXi host or per-guessOS. Thank you for your enlightenment.
  12. Hello, is there anyone have this solution, all sugestion are coming. :aa:
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